info wanted on norwood, ohio? (cincy area)

  1. Can anyone give me some info on living in Norwood, Ohio? Neighborhoods? Crime? Housing? Proximity to U of Cincy? Thanks!
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  3. by   iwannabearn
    I think this is a bad part of town.
  4. by   Ophelia78
    Norwood is a working class neighborhood about 15 minutes from UC. It's becoming more crime-ridden nowadays. I'm a UC grad myself, most students live in the Clifton area (though there are areas there that are crime-heavy as well). A friend who lived in Clifton on Probasco St had her apt robbed while she slept. I've also had several friends live near Ludlow St in Clifton, and it's a nicer area, near the wealthy Gaslight district. I would be sure to ask other students about what student housing areas are best before renting. Good Luck!
  5. by   PurifyMe
    Norwood, not the best part of town to live in. It sits between two other communities Evanston and Bond Hill, even though it is close to UC, (1 exit down if going I-71 South), I wouldn't think it is the safest place to reside. Maybe try the Gaslight district, although I see it was mentioned that it can get expensive over there, or even the Eden Park area isn't far from UC. Hope this helps.
  6. by   lostintrenton
    chaundrah....... please take my advise about Norwood this is a very bad place to live ,i just moved my daughter out of that neighborhood its full of drugs ,crime and alot of ppl looking to take advantage of anyone they can get to
  7. by   boochie1
    Three Words--- Dont Do It
  8. by   stardogdaisy
    You may want to consider living in Northern Kentucky. You get a lot more for your money, it's only about 20-25minutes from Cincinnati. School systems are better than Cincinnati school district. If I can help you with any specifics, don't hesitate to private message me. I agree with the above comments...stay away from Norwood. I have heard that the Westchester area is nice and is growing.
  9. by   JadedCPN
    You guys are killing me...Norwood is not any worse of a place to live than Clifton. My elderly grandparents have been living there for years now with no problems. Just like ANY neighborhood, there are good parts and bad parts. I've lived in both the good parts and the bad parts and never had any issues! The rent is considerably cheaper, it's in close distance to almost anything, and there are some beautiful houses to live in.

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