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  1. Hi
    I have an opportunity for an interview as an new grad at Cleveland Clinic. I need some answers, how is the training and orientation there? I know Cleveland Clinic is #1 in the nation for medical advancement, but how about the support and training of nurses? I know economy is hard right now, this would be a big move for me, so I'm a little anxious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me also =) TIA.
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  3. by   lullaby
    hi! i'm also applying to their new grad positions. are you currently living out of state and would be relocating for this job? i have some info and advice for you if you want to PM me. but overall i say go for it! the CC is the best and an amazing opportunity to work for them. cheers! dd
  4. by   amiklus
    I'm going to jump in on this post also. I just received my temp. license in Ohio and will be doing a phone interview tomorrow. I tried to PM you to ask for your advice, but I can't. If you could inform me of what the phone interview with Hr was about...or just any tips, info or advice would be great. I will also be relocating from Arizona. I grew up in Cleveland and this a lot about the Clinic and would love to have a career there. Thanks!
  5. by   Hillarienic
    Did any of you have your interview? How did it go?
  6. by   kayemmejay
    I applied, had two phone interviews (one for OB nursing and one for cardiac step down). Now I am just waiting for a nurse manager to call me in for an interview.
  7. by   Hillarienic
    Oh thats wonderful. I just had my phone interview today. I'm also wondering how the testing is. I guess I will just start reviewing my skills book to brush up. Best of luck to you! Keep me updated.
  8. by   lullaby
    hey guys, i've applied to the CC's new grad position and the other day i received a nice voicemail from a recruiter who said she was reviewing my application and said that when my temporary ohio license comes through (i'm currently licensed in NY) to call her and she'll move me onto the interview process.

    i'm very happy about hearing i might get an interview and i hope this message means that at least i made it past the "no" pile of applications.

    so i just had a few questions for those who've interviewed already. a lot of you mention phone interviews, i assume they only do this if you are out of state? can any of you let me know what their interview process is like (how many interviews you went on) and what this "test" is that was mentioned as part of the interview process?

    also do any of you know how often they conduct the new graduate orientations once you are hired? i would assume they'd have a large group of new graduates and maybe hold them once every few months? i'm asking this as i'm still in the process of relocating from NYC so if i do get hired i'm wondering if anyone has any idea how soon i'd be expected to start.

    thanks for any info/advice!
  9. by   AgentBeast
    There are a couple tests from what I have heard.

    There is a math test.

    There is a nursing specific test. Sort of like a mini NCLEX in a way. You are presented some scenario then have to pick the answer.

    There is a strength test.
  10. by   amiklus
    lullaby - I can't respond via message. But I ended up accept a job and canceled my interview with the Cleveland clinic. Good luck
  11. by   hoia
    I did a phone screening interview with Cleveland Clinic last week.
    I was just wondering how long applicants waited to get a phone call from the unit manager to set up 2nd interview.

    I never realized that looking for a job can be this frustrating...
  12. by   kayemmejay
    I was initially contacted on July 10th. I had one phone interview July 12th.i was called by a nurse recruiter from Hillcrest 2 weeks ago. I finally have an interview scheduled for next Tuesday. Most of my classmates already have jobs at Cleveland Clinic because they either worked there as a HUC or PCNA.
  13. by   hoia
    Hey llulaby, I am just not allowed to send any PM yet,. This was for the new grad RN position, and the interview questions were very general. Good luck.
  14. by   Hillarienic
    Did any of you go the hiring event? I hadn't recieved any interviews after my inital phone interview. I went to the hiring even and I now have an interview with the PICU manager. I'm so excited. This is really my dream job. I hope the search is going well for all of you. Lullaby have you had any interviews in the Cleveland area? I also can't PM yet.