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  1. hi,

    i'm starting my cleveland clinic orientation soon and will be taking the PBDS assessment and their METI eDose math exam. I would really appreciate some feedback. how hard did you find the tests? any tips on what to study?

    for the PBDS i am studying the main med/surg emergencies and their interventions.

    for the drug calculation test i'm using a reference guide and doing practice questions, but this exam worries me the most as i have to get 90%. any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    lastly, i was told we get the chance to retest again for these exams, do you know if many people do not pass the first time? and how soon would you be retested?

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  3. by   lullaby
    i find it odd that every time i post in the ohio forum it's like crickets with the responses? everywhere else on the site (esp NY forum) i get a lot of responses rather quickly, it's surprising esp since the cleveland clinic is the largest employer in cleveland. i would think there would be a lot of CC nurses on here.

    anyways if there is anyone out there who has gone through the CC orientation i'd really love some feedback.

  4. by   Blondenurse83
    Sorry I didn't see this post until just now. I went through the PBDS and METI edose tests. The math test was basic IV calculations like you do in nursing school, it was pretty easy to pass and I was two years out of school. PBDS was more difficult, my nurse recruiter did not tell me about the exam so I did not study at all for it prior to testing. It is mainly med surg situations such as blood transfusion reaction, hypoglycemia, obstructed airway, ileus, etc. They show you a video of a situation and some data and you have to give a diagnosis, interventions and rationale. Most people have to retest, I did and I had been a nurse for 2 years. You retest at the end of orientation and it was much easier then. Hope this helps, good luck!
  5. by   Godsmissinangel1
    Hi @lullaby! I have been reading past threads about the Cleveland New Grad Program and noticed that you were so friendly and welcoming of questions. First, congrats on getting into the New Grad Program! Second, I can't PM yet, but I am wondering if you could please give any general advice/ tips on the phone interview process. I have a phone interview scheduled (my first interview for a new grad position!) and would greatly appreciate any guidance. I actually don't even know which unit or facility I am interviewing for. Is the first interview just a general screening one?? And then you rank your top units? Thank you so much for any guidance, it is very much appreciated
  6. by   lullaby
    hi! congrats on your phone interview too! i am actually heading to bed as it's waaay past my bedtime and i am up for orientation in the morning! but i will write more tomorrow to elaborate on your questions. but yes you are correct in that the phone interview is just a 'general' interview to get you into the 'new grad' pool or applications, and from there on unit managers and CC recruiters will be looking at your application to determine a good fit and move you onto the second phase of 'in-person' interviews (i had two job offers from these). so you are at a good point in the process right now, and this is also a really good time of year to be interviewing. the CC is one of the only hospitals in that nation who fully support new grads! i will give you some pointers and more info about the phone interview etc tomorrow. you are on the right track!
  7. by   Godsmissinangel1
    Thank you SO much for being so responsive and encouraging! It is wonderful to have your support and guidance. I look forward to hearing some more pointers from you. I wish I could PM already. Hope you had a wonderful time at orientation! It must be so nice to get started in the program after all of your hard work
  8. by   AgentBeast
    That initial PBDS test is just to find out where you are at and then to tailor your orientation to get you up to speed.
  9. by   tcabassa
    I took the critical care PBDS and I honestly thought I was going to fail due to my poor computer skills. Don't worry. Watch the video and write what you see. Address the changes witnessed and be sure to write a rational for your actions. I passed the first time and didn't even get to the last scenerio due to running out of time.
  10. by   PrincessO
    Has anyone had to take an EKG test for Cleveland Clinic?
  11. by   sugarsweet21612
    Sorry for the late response... I had to take a telemetry exam for my particular unit which was separate from PBDS.
  12. by   LegalQuiltMom
    Lullaby, how did your testing go? Any advice for a new grad who will be testing in about a week?
  13. by   LegalQuiltMom
    sugarsweet21612 was the telemetry exam you referred to the same as the ECG exam they give new hires? If so, any advice for a new grad taking it in about a week?
  14. by   ChipJe
    I hope to make it that far. I got my RN officially last month, I had a new-grad phone interview and I went to two in-person interviews yesterday. I had what I thought was a really good interview and I left with a good impression. I hope to get a position there on main campus. If so, I will take the PBDS assessment to find out where I'm currently at, so they know where my strengths and weaknesses are. The Clinic's new grad program helps get you going without throwing you to the wolves right away. Most of the other area hospitals want experienced nurses only. Where are we supposed to acquire the experience?? Great job by the Clinic!

    I think you want to go in with what you know so they can assist you with what you need to know.
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