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  1. Hi. I was wondering if anyone can give me some info on the Cleveland Clinic. Do you enjoy working there? Do they have a sign on bonus. What are the patient ratios like? Thanks so much.
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  3. by   inspir8tion
    I second that question!
  4. by   greatan
    Just wondering why no one hasn't responded to this question? As a LPN graduating in September I would like to know to.
  5. by   golfermyluv
    Me too!

    Cleveland Clinic nurses and lpns ...any comment will help
  6. by   WingsEarned21
    O.K here goes guys/gals.I work for a hoapital that is part of the CC.I work the telemetry floor as an LPN.I have been there 5 years and it is not an easy floor to work.I am now leaving to be closer to home.I work the weekend program they have ,nice if you have family and kids invovled in extra curriculars.They also give us a night shift bonus every 3 months and pay a little more for you working the weekend program.You get 5 weekends off a year and you can split them up if you like.Take a sat here and a sun there if you need.That is ALL you get though so you have to be picky n choosy as to what family functions ,concerts,trips etc you care to attend.You can pick from fri/sat or sat/sun .I loved the crew I was working with but was not fond of the clientele we would get .I worked tHE night shift 12's.Along with 3-11 we had a lot of admissions also and it never fails first thing as your ready or waiting to leave something happens.The skills I htought I had lost working long term came back quickly and the skills I gained were awesome.They also offer free ceu's in various ways.Another perk to the weekend thing is if you want to go bcak to school you can easily and still work.They consider you full time for benefits but part time if you want their tuition reimbursement.Also if the holiday does not fall on the weekend you don't work it,if it does then you work it.So for the last 2 years I had to work x mas and new years but if I were staying for the next 5 I would not work it.I just can't make that drive any longer,I have almost wrecked my car more than once trying to get home in the mornings from being so sleepy.Hope this helps .Any more questions feel free to ask
  7. by   golfermyluv
    Wingsearned! Thank you so much for the post.

    What is the best housing/condo to stay in esp. for a foreign single mom with 2 kids?
  8. by   WingsEarned21
    No problem I also hear they have some kind of parent shift at the main campus.Allows you to work around your kids or something.Might wanna check on that .
  9. by   codered
    I work at the CC at the main campus downtown. BE careful. Make sure you shadow your position if offered to you. Once your in the CC you cant leave the facility and go to another CC facility for a year. CC owns a ton of surrounding hospitals, Lakewood, Fairview, Marymount, Hillcrest and the list goes on. So- that being said, if you take the job your stuck for a year. Parking is an absolute nightmare and you pay for parking. It is not all it is cracked up to be working there. Just be careful and make sure you ask around for other nurses opinions and please try and shadow your position. Good luck
  10. by   neneRN
    And at the main Cleveland Clinic, aren't all RNs required to wear all white? And some units will do rotating shifts- my sister works days, nights, weekends...
  11. by   codered
    Yes, ALL nurses wear all white. Nothing colored allowed. And yes shifts are rotating 12 hours,7 to 7, and your on nights 2 weeks then days 2 weeks. Hard to adjust. The main campus is also so large it eats you up.
  12. by   cookielady,rn
    to my knowledge UH is the only one still offering a sign-on
  13. by   jaylynn67
    I always here from people that all nurses have to work rotating shifts. Is that true? Or you're saying it's only true for the Clinic? I cannot work rotating shifts, I am a creature of habit and have to get the same sleep and work schedule every day. This is discouraging.
  14. by   codered
    I cannot promise anything but, from my expierence, the clinic almost always rotates except if you are willing to work night shift then you can get a permanent shift. The problem is, everyone wants days or at least 7a-7p therefore senority ranks if there is a permanent position available. They rotate so no one can complain about other staff getting on a permanent day shift position. Nursing homes however do offer permanent shift if you are willing to go that route. Im right there with ya about slleping. I chose to work the 7p-7a shift permanently just so my body gets adjusted to something. Eveyone at the clinic that I know hates the rotating shifts because by the time they get used to nights they switch to days and are all messed up again. Nursing is a rough career for normalcy. Health carenever closes so we have lots of options but those of us with liitle or no senority sometimes get stomped on. Nights isnt that bad. You really do adjust and you still have a pretty normal life. Hope what your looking for is out there