Advice - Relocating to Cincinnati OH

  1. Hi. We are moving back to Ohio. We moved to North Carolina 5 years ago. Im so excited to return to the good ol Buckeye State!

    Question: Although I used to live in Ohio, Im not that familiar with Cincinnati. Im wondering where to look for housing/apts

    I am looking for a family friendly neighborhood (preferably in N Cinci) I have a 18 month old, so family friendly is important.

    Im looking into Cincinnati State for my Nursing Degree.

    Any advice?
    Thank you!
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  3. by   AmyLiz
    Cincinnati has so many neighborhoods to choose from!

    Depends on where exactly you're wanting to live, really. It's a large area. I have friends and family in Loveland, Deer Park, Clifton, and Hyde Park. West Chester is a nice area too, as is Blue Ash. I also have a cousin who lives just on the other side of the river in Covington...he said that it's a little cheaper to live there than in Cincy.

    My DH and I plan on moving to Cincy in 2 1/2 years after my daughter graduates from high school (we live near Dayton now), and we plan on moving to Clifton (in the gaslight district). It's more centrally located - near UC, the zoo, and half a dozen or so hospitals.

    I would suggest Blue Ash or Loveland or West Chester if you want a real "family friendly" neighborhood. Blue Ash is a little pricey, but it's really nice.

    Here's a few links that you may find useful:
  4. by   nursemissthang

    May I add to also look into the areas of Mason (Mason school district) and Liberty Township (Lakota school district) as well!...these school districts are top notch in the state of OH.... and the living environments of these areas are very nice (some neighborhoods have houses in the close to the $1million range, but then there are also the really nice houses that tend to be affordable)....the areas are quiet, family friendly, diverse, lots of green space, etc....can you tell that's where we have our sites set to move, God willing??.... just my 2 cents...

    (will send in my intro later : )...Take care!
  5. by   katesmom
    Thanks AmyLiz & Nursemissthang! .

    Thanks for the information!
  6. by   unknown99
    Mount Carmel is nice also. It is out, yet close to everything. Mason is good also. The closer you get to the city of Cincinnati, the higher the crime rate.
    Indian Hill is beautiful, but pretty expensive. Kings Mills is real nice also. Then there is Landen, which has alot to offer also.
  7. by   GrnHonu99
    I grew up in Anderson and it is very nice as is Mariemont, hyde park, mt. adams and certain parts of clifton. Also NKY is nice, I lived in Ft. Mitchell and it was great xcept that I worked in Cincy and going over the bridge is killer at rush hour. There is a great hospital St. Elizabeth in Ft.Mitchell and it is 10 mins from downtown cincy.
  8. by   Ragan
    I currently live in West Chester, which I really like. I would also recommend Liberty Township, and Fairfield. These places would take about a 25 minute drive to get to a downtown hospital (Christ, Deaconess, University, Childrens, etc).