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I need all theprayers and support rightnd now. yesterday i was studying and was doing really bad like 50-60s on practice questions. :-( I test july 8th , im starting to feel like I know NOTHING

on Kaplan I got a 64 and 63 on Qtrainer 6 and 7, but today im doing horrible!! and I tst so soon!!! on July 8th

prayers and support needed im getting nervous, my Boyfriend is saying i need to take a break.......ugh

going to work now for 12 hours........

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you are allowing anxiety to set in. if you've studied--and you have---you will do fine. take a day or two off from studying. but remember, the day before, try not to do any studying at all because you will become even more anxious. at this point, "you know what you know" so just incorporate this knowledge into your test taking skills and take-your-time when you answer each nclex question.

good luck! you will do fine!

I agree, you know this!!!! Take a break and clear your mind before taking the test. You will need it!


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Really you are doing great! I had a score of 58% on Q Bank and 50-60s on Q Trainers. I passed with 75 Questions the first time. Good Luck and try to remain calm.:twocents:


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I have days, too, where I do worse on questions and have lower scores. But then the next day, I'll do a whole lot better and feel great! Don't let one practice test get you down--you know it!!

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You are doing great! Kaplan wants you to get 60% or above on Question Trainers 6 & 7. I got 62% on Question 6. I have yet to take Question trainer 7. I also test July 8.

I'm also doing Medspub and is getting in the average zone with 74% as my highest score so far.

I am gonna do Question Trainer 7 on Sunday, and then it's a wrap for me. No more questions! I've been studying for over a month now, every single day.


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I was feeling the same way and I am also taking my test on the 8th, Just take a break..... my teachers told me you know what you know take a break pick up sat and sun and mon and call it a day! Good Luck!

I Worked all day today, thank you guys soooo much I just got home from my 12 hour shift as an rn intern where ill be starting as a rn when i pass . thank u for your support!!!! it means so much. im going to try to relax, take a shower and read something other than anything that has the word Medicine, disease, nurse, or priority in it!


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