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I took the NCLEX on tuesday March 9. I need some moral support people. My husband tries to make me feel better by telling my that I did fine, I don't think he really understands the stress involved with this stupid test. I also like in an archaic state that doesn't have the 3 day unofficial result thingy. I have to wait anywhre between 1-4 weeks to find out my results. I envy y'all who only have to wait 3 days. Anyway it stoppd at 75 and I think I got the last question right, other than that, who knows.

y'all rock!



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Ah .. ya passed! Ok! Now, go on with your life. :) Just kidding .... the stress is rotten and terrible and everyother word you can think of. But have faith. I felt the same way you did and my test shut off at 75. Thought for sure I had failed. But, alas, my name was on the web site as an RN and I have never given it a second thought except for that day. I have not met a person that failed after 75 questions. I am sure it could happen, I just have not known anyone that it has happened too.


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I'm sure you passed. Good luck with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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So sorry to hear that you have to wait sooo long! I took the test on the 8th and found out today (the 10th). The two day wait drove me nuts and you are right, unless it is someone who went through it they don't understand. They don't understand how much sweat and agony has gone into preparing for the do or die situation of this one test.

If it makes you feel any better, I have not known anyone personally who had the test end at 75 questions and have failed. My instructor doesn't know of anyone either....so the odds are with you!

Hang in there!



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By the way....

I too had 75 questions and found out today that I passed.


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I took NCLEX the beginning of February and passed with 75 questions. I had myself convinced that I had failed! My husband was the only person who KNEW that I had passed. You gotta hand it to those fellas, sometimes they do know what they're talking about! :wink2: Best wishes!


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I took the NCLEX in 1997. My computer shut down after 75 questions and I felt very confident. I took a terrific course before taking the test. The instructor told our class that if you only got 75 questions, and your questions were of the "higher level critical thinking" variety toward the end, you most likely passed. She was right.

Good luck!


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Well I still am waiting to find out, but I would like to thank all of you for you kind words. I really am trying not to worry about it. So far so good.

Thanks again.


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Auri, Rule #1: BREATHE!! Rule#2: Please don't forget Rule#1!!! It will be okay.

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I took the test in 1998 and mine shut down at 75. I was totally unsure how I did, felt very unsure, had lots of questions in my weakest areas, but I passed. I would bet you did as well.

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