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YAY! I am now in the pre-nursing program! I got my official acceptance into the community college today, met with the counselor and advisor and found out what classes I need to take and got a few questions answered. I'll be attending Johnston Community College! I did really well on my placement test, and combined with my previous high school classes, I only needed 1 science, plus of course all my pre-req's lol. So the plan is....for fall 2009 I will be taking General Biology, A&P I (yes I know its crazy to take both at the same time but I literally had no choice if I want to have a shot at getting accepted into the nursing program for fall 2010), English 111, PSY 150, and Intro to Computers. In Spring 2010, I will be taking PSY 281, ENG 112 and A&P II PLUS completing the CNA program. So when I apply for the fall 2010 nursing program, I will have 4 out of 7 pre-reqs complete (and I plan to have a 4.0 GPA) and I plan to do really well on the TEAS so hopefully I will have a chance at getting into the program, although its extremely competitive at my school so I know that I may be at a disadvantage because of not having those last 3 pre-reqs done by the time I apply. But if I don't get accepted for fall 2010, I will just work as a CNA and get my feet wet and probably take some math and chemistry classes in preparation for getting my BSN down the road, while I wait to apply for the Fall 2011 program. So I feel like I have a plan now, which is a relief. Things aren't as up in the air now, whew! I think this semester will be pretty easy other than A&P I, but I am really good with memorization and studying with flash cards, etc. so I actually think I will do pretty well. Scratch that....I WILL be getting an A in that class lol. It's essential for me! I'm all kinds of excited now, I am registering for class tomorrow morning and classes start August 17th! YAY!


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:ancong!::ancong!: Good luck on your journey!!!!!!!

good job! I hope you did those AP exams or IB exams in high school!

they saved me so many times althoughout college!


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congrats and good luck (:


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Good luck aswell im waiting to get into a lpn program so hopefully ill be a 2010 student cross my fingers lol keep us poseted!!!! again congrats:bow::bow::yelclap::clphnds:


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yay! this is a very exciting beginning for you! good luck and keep us posted :)

we're here if you need us!


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Cool. Where are you from btw? Because in California we can only have 1 pre-req in progress (some schools no pre-reqs IP)...nice plan by the way...hope it works out for you and GL



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Congrats and good luck

Cool. Where are you from btw? Because in California we can only have 1 pre-req in progress (some schools no pre-reqs IP)...nice plan by the way...hope it works out for you and GL

I'm in North Carolina. They told me that we have to already have completed the pre-req's that will count towards the points system for admission. So basically any classes I'm taking during Spring semester when I apply, won't count. I'm still hopeful of getting accepted Fall 2010 - it can't hurt to try right? :) And if I don't get accepted then, I am confident that I will for 2011. I don't have a job so this IS going to be my job lol. I'm very lucky in that aspect. I do have 2 daughters but they're school age and I have a very supportive husband. Again, very lucky in that aspect! :) I am planning to basically eat, sleep and breathe my pre-reqs and the TEAS test when the time comes for that, so that I can do as well as possible!

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