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Offer of employment - what to do?



So, I applied to a hospital for complex care unit few months back, 6 month full time contract. They called me today, we did a phone interview, not even in person interview and got email for reference checks. I don’t know what to do. I want to work as I feel like this is the only opportunity I will have to get a job but I am scared due to covid. I am currently living with my parents and I hate to be the one that contracts it to them. What do you guys suggest? What would you do?

Davey Do

Specializes in around 25 years psych, 15years medical. Has 42 years experience.

Toaster, I would take the job I was was trained for, move out of my parents' home, and see this thing through.

It's what I did back in '84 when AIDS was the big scare.

I’d wait until you actually had a job offer first of all.

Second, you’ll do what the rest of us are doing to protect our families, I take off my scrubs and shoes in the garage, shower as soon as I get in. I regularly check my temp and am watchful for symptoms.

Not every nurse gets it. I’ve been on strictly COVID for 5 weeks now. I’m fine.

Nunya, BSN

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Can you self isolate in your home? Stay in your bedroom/ bathroom when you're at home? It wouldn't be fun but if you're that concerned..... Just until you have enough money to move out...

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Thank you for the replies. I live in an apartment so I do not have a garage, though alternative option would be to leave everything in the facility. We live in small apartment so I can't really self isolate at home.

After talking with my family as well, I emailed them today that I will withdrawing from the position due to personal circumstances.

Thanks again for all your input.

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