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I have started with exam cram since monday and i just finished chapter 6today.I study along with saunders 3rd edition.I open exam cram and saunder and kind of go through which book explains the topic(s) better and then study whichever book works for that topic;i take the exam cram test at the end of the chapter though regardless of which book i use for topic.I finished the frye's 3000 bullets and once i am done,i will practice using the CD from exam cram,study the labs again and meds calculations.I am doing lacharity as well(just finished chapter 8)I will keep you guys posted on how it is going.I plan on finishing everthing on the books except doing the case study for lacharity(i might do that too cos i am always curious)I am taking nclexpn.Thanks.


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Good Luck.... I am also using Lacharity (Nclex-Pn) for priority Etc.... I also am doing saunders 3rd edition cd for q&a.... Also got rea's flashcards.... and nclex made incrediabley easy.. Hope all works 3rd time around.

Good Luckkkkk


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Bhodge,thanks for you help;i really appreciate it but i want to stick with just the ones i have right now with the study plan and see how it goes.Inbtw,i have used Rea flash card but it didn't help the second time.Too much materials for studying can cause confusion and i don't want that:smackingf.