OCH in a post office

  1. i recently got a offer to work as a occupational health nurse at a nearby USPS. I don't have experience in this field. Can anyone shed some light as to how work there would be like? Thanks in advance !
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  3. by   DowntheRiver
    They didn't give you a job description?

    I do Occ Health as part of my job and basically it is physicals, drug screens, blood draws, and referrals for chronic health issues.
  4. by   Crystallynn

    Section 863.36 Health Services Office Staff Nurses

  5. by   OHNBJL
    I've been an Occ Health Nurse Specialist for years. Worked for a ship building company. I did PE's Drug screens, blood draws, treated injuries.Triaged etc. Had standing orders. Had a company doctor that saw patients that I deemed necessary once a week. Responded to yard emergencies. Also maintained OSHA log, worked with foreman for light duty assignments. Contacted doctor's about treatment plans, worked with case management for worker's comp claims. It is very different than hospital nursing. Be prepared to make independent decisions and have good communication skills for interacting with company management, etc. Record keeping is very important and essential. Multi tasking is an absolute must. There is a certification available. Ask if you can shadow an Occ Health Nurse so that you would know what the job really entails. Good luck
  6. by   thomas76
    They mentioned the job description during my interview but not in great detail. They did not talk about everyday routine. But at the time I was not offered the job, perhaps that is why. I was also wondering if the benefits are the same as the rest of the employees in the company.
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    Postal nurses are covered by the APWU. I will add a couple of links to the last contract. It's valid until 2017. I was a postal employee for 15 years but not as a nurse.



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    I am just curious about this USPS Nursing Position,

    Did you ever accept and start this job?

    Can you give us few details and insight about the job responsibilities?

    Thank you