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Victoria Fletcher is my name.

Hey guys! Congrats to everyone of us that got in. To anyone who is not in yet, keep hope alive. You will eventually get in. In the meantime, we have a Facebook group. Do check it out and join. I think it will be easier to get everyone on there without leaving our personal information on here. Follow the link below. Its called OCCC BADNAP SP 2020



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I am applying for the summer 2020 program? How bad is it? I know it's 10 months of awfullness from what an advisor told me at the application session yesterday but it will be worth it in the end.


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What is usually the lowest GPA they'll take? I applied with a 2.67 (low undergrad GPA) and a 78 on my TEAS. I am also currently taking Micro. That is my missing prereq.


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The lowest they'll take is the minimum GPA (2.5). For BADNAP admissions, they give priority to applicants that have completed all their prerequisites and rank them by GPA. Then they rank everyone else. It also depends on what the applicant pool is like, but with that GPA, I would recommend you finish you prereqs before you apply so you get some sort of a leg up. My GPA was 2.7, but I finished all my stuff and got in (although I ended up opting do go the traditional route in the end). Hope this helps.