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  1. Hey! Saw your thing about a GroupMe for BADNAP 

    Victoria fletcher 



    I also wrote my info on our BADNAP feed. But just Incase you can’t see it or didn’t see it 

  2. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Victoria Fletcher is my name. 4052456730
  3. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I am also down! It would be helpful to get feedback from people already.
  4. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Good question! I have no idea. I kinda wondered the same things. Also wonder if maybe people do it all closer to orientation?
  5. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    That’s true. They said that at the meeting I went to as well. Hopefully that isn’t the case. I chose this route to have an intense 10 months instead of 2 years of school. Haha.
  6. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Yay!! Congratulations ?? I got accepted too! I also have two young kiddos. 3 years old and 10 month old. This was the only way I applied though so I’m going for it and have rallied my troops to help me through it. Hopefully ?? I feel like we won’t ...
  7. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I am not sure what’s considered a good GPA for this. I already hAve my prerequisites done and have over a 3.0. But to me that isn’t the greatest. However I’d guess most people who have a bachelors degree don’t get one planning to go back to get an as...
  8. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I went to an informational meeting tonight about all the programs. They said hopefully in the next week or two they’ll be able to send out the acceptance letters for BADNAP. Good luck y’all! I am nervous and anxious as well!
  9. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Just found this! I submitted my app last night. Anyone know much more than what’s online? I am def nervous my GPA isn’t high enough but honestly not much to do about it anymore.