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  1. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    The lowest they'll take is the minimum GPA (2.5). For BADNAP admissions, they give priority to applicants that have completed all their prerequisites and rank them by GPA. Then they rank everyone else. It also depends on what the applicant pool is li...
  2. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Such a random alternate number to be give! Is there any different between your half number and a whole number? You might have a good shot of getting in. From what I’ve seen on other forums, the top few alternates usually get in.
  3. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    So great! Congrats! At the informational meeting I went to this past summer, they did say that if you feel like it’s too intense after the first semester, you can petition the director to switch to the traditional program. But you have to get a very...
  4. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Emails were sent out this morning! Just got my acceptance! Now I’m just trying to decide between this program and traditional since I have 2 very young kids. Good luck to everyone!
  5. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Traditional apps were due a week before BADNAP, so hopefully soon! I got my acceptance for the traditional program. It was faster than I expected!
  6. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    From what I’ve gathered, if you’re on the lower end of the GPA spectrum, it’s best to have all prereqs done. I’ve been told it’s supposed to give you an advantage over people who are still finishing classes.
  7. OCCC Spring traditional pathway 2020

    Emails came out today! I got in with 16 points. Good luck to everyone.
  8. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    This thread is for the BADNAP so we don't have any preference points. I have heard fall is typically more competitive for the Spring traditional pathway though. I'm probably going to apply for that pathway as a backup and should have about 16 points,...
  9. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I took mine a few weeks ago. It wasn't too bad. When are you taking yours?
  10. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread created yet for this program! Anyone done with their app?