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  1. by   Jo Dirt
    Quote from tvccrn
    All my baby needs is to warm up and he will be alive again. I saw it on the Discovery Channel, this kitten was dead and they put it on the radiator and it came back to life.

    You can take some of my brain cells and transplant them into his brain and he will be alive again.

    Both from the father who put his 4 month old premmie in a head lock to make him stop crying. For the last comment we all thought that the kid was better off dead than having his father's brain cells if that is how he thought things worked.
    This makes me sick.
  2. by   goettin98
    "I don't know how my tox came back positive for cocaine, I didn't do any. I bet someone slipped me some at that party last night."

    Yeah. Cuz I hate when your nose just falls off into a pile of cocaine, idiot.
  3. by   babyktchr
    It's all just madness...isn't it??
  4. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    Quote from fmoore723
    Sometimes I feel when pts dont control their BS (like above), its borderline just as bad as doing drugs or alcohol.
    I work in an ALF, and a fair number of residents have diabetes. Some regularly have FBSs above 200, but one always eats dessert (not the sugar-free kind), and one drinks a lot of juice, but rarely eats dinner. One has been fighting tooth and nail for weeks about her right to eat cookies and Rice Krispie treats every night. I hated Med-surg, but I saw enough patients damaged by long-term uncontrolled diabetes to realize how much danger they're in. They just don't seem to care.
  5. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    It's amazing how many people think eating sugar causes diabetes.

    I used to work with a very self-righteous woman who believed that everything could be cured by prayer, cod liver oil, or both. My old job didn't offer paid time off, so people often came to work sick. During one office epidemic, she shouted, to no one in particular, "It's a good thing I'm taking my cod liver oil, and not letting my guard down." Two weeks later, she was in the hospital with pneumonia.

    The same woman snapped "I pray over my food!" when I said a GI bug was going around.
  6. by   zyna15
    - Hi! How are you doing?
    - Hurry, I feel like I need to push! (Big smile on pt's face)
    - Really?
    - Yeah, today's my due date, I had contractions.. One at 1h30, one at 1h34, one at 1h49, one at 2h32...

  7. by   nerdtonurse?
    I can't have lung cancer, I stopped smoking 2 months ago (4 ppd, x30 years).....And yes, they did have lung CA, and yes they died.
  8. by   LisaDNP
    "No, I'm not a diabetic." " I have naturally high blood sugar." "Those lab numbers don't apply to me."

    Or how about this... "I control my blood sugar by drinking water." "It flushes out the extra sugar."
  9. by   brillohead
    Quote from babynurselsa
    No, 99.5 is a high fever for me because mine normally runs low.........
    For the record, this one can be true!

    I've had some weird endocrine problems for almost two decades, and one "side effect" is improper body temperature regulation. My "normal" can run anywhere from 95.5 - 97.5. When I go to the doc for a sinus infection (not nearly as often the last few years, thanks to the wonders of sinuplasty!), if I get a new nurse doing vitals, I have to point it out to her. She of course won't believe me, then she'll look through my chart at all my past temp readings at my well-visits and "do the math" to compute my actual fever, because, yes indeed, I *was* running a high temp.

    And another side note -- low thyroid can really mess with someone's entire body. I have recorded BPs as low as 54/??? in my doctor's office in the past. (Yes, I used to pass out a lot when I stood up!) If someone tells you that their BP usually runs low, and their chart shows they rarely hit 100/70, you really DON'T need to pump the cuff up to 180!
  10. by   mjb324
    pt was explaining to the DCF worker why she was positive for cocaine. " I was swollowing my boyfriends manly fluids and he was doing cocaine."
  11. by   readerwriter8
    Quote from mjb324
    pt was explaining to the DCF worker why she was positive for cocaine. " I was swollowing my boyfriends manly fluids and he was doing cocaine."


  12. by   Hushi05
    I've been throwing up and the baby (fetus) is too.
  13. by   ragingmomster
    "I have never used crack, someone must have put it in my (marajuana, cigarette, coca-cola...)"