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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   Ginyer
    :chuckle rooster
  2. by   suzanne62
    How about names that when put with second names are awful. My mam when she worked in a maternity unit had an Annette Curtain.

    Any other good ones out there.
  3. by   sddlnscp
    There's a kid who graduated high school here named Richard Sniff (first & last names), but he went by the nickname "Dick" - you can put 2 & 2 together there.
  4. by   nadja9
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    Nadja, unless you have proof in hand, pull up a plate! :chuckle

    :chuckle :chuckle

    LOL!!!!! I kid you not! Instead of being pronounced "lemon jello", it was pronounced "Le' MON ja lo". Seriously, if my parents did that to me.....
  5. by   RNnL&D
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    If anyone post about Lemonjello and Orangejello again, I will make you eat your keyboard!
    Or at least, some Jello! :chuckle
  6. by   RNnL&D
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    :chuckle :chuckle

    LOL!!!!! I kid you not! Instead of being pronounced "lemon jello", it was pronounced "Le' MON ja lo". Seriously, if my parents did that to me.....
    Did you ever meet this kid, in person?
  7. by   ARLadyRN
    We had several named Female-- pronounced Fe' ma' lee. Linen and Percale for twins.
  8. by   daisybaby
    Two boys in my city are named Sir and Mister. Apparently so teachers, bosses, adults- well, everybody, I guess- have to address them as such. Prety arrogant, IMO.
  9. by   Chicklet2
    Quote from rnlabornurse4u
    i decided, since the 2nd "strange baby names" thread was getting so long, let's start another.


    twins from last night - gypsy and cinnamon. (what a great start to their porn/stripper careers)

    orion - (baby boy) - ok, this one did have a romantic, constellation engagement story behind it, so it's not so bad, but still a strange, out-there name.

    orzio - another baby boy - poor kid

    and, drumroll please..................... :hatparty:

    happy birthday to the winner of the year:

    queen messiah jesus christ

    oh yes, that was the baby's full, legal name for the birth certificate. oh how wonderful.

    give me a few more births to attend at work, and i'm sure to have more to add. i have definitely noticed a trend towards the unusual/unique names lately. some of them sound and look just like random letters thrown together, that i can't even recall them once i get home.

    the poor, poor kids........

    l&d rn
    during my clinical in l/d a mother named her baby girl phayden,, i thought that was a little odd
  10. by   rn/writer
    Back in the late 1950s, my mother knew a woman who named her daughter Rocksand.

    We have a small chain of bookstores in our metro area named after their founder, Harry Schwartz.

    During my freshman year in college, there was a girl on the opposite dorm wing named April Schauers.

    One of my daughters had a college roommate named Latrina.

    And now for the most outrageous one I can think of. Drum roll, please. I remember a messed up adolescent psych patient whose first name was Crystal and whose middle name was--I kid you not--Meth. Need I say more.

  11. by   Chicklet2
    Quote from sddlnscp
    Ok, I didn't read the previous thread, so I hope I'm not repeating any. (Sorry, not a nurse yet - but know a couple people with these names): Girl in Highschool: Free Mercy (yes, that's the full name), then there's Snow White and Candy Cane. Hmm - poor girls - and can you imagine having to smile after someone makes the same stupid remark that they think is sooooo original when you tell them your name for the nine-thousand-nine-hundred & 99th time!
    Hey, there was a girl in my class named Holly Wood
  12. by   psalm
    [B]My friend from the 60s had a sister named Virginia, nicknamed Ginger. Last name is Schnapp. Ginger Schnapp!
  13. by   Selke
    I worked in Chicago throughout the 1990's in L&D and collected unusual names. Sadly I've lost my list, but a few stood out. Twin boys named Speed and Guy. A certified mentally ill woman who named her fifth kid Godzilla Gorilla Pimp. The baby she was having at the moment was about to be named Shanana, or something like that.