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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   NursePiggy
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    Quote from sharidcst
    ... then the irl driver named will power - but he's australian - you know those guys have a different sense of humor! :d
    speaking of my neck of the woods, we have many vietnamese and i know a "hung lo" (he's a fella and ive seen his passport) .... and i had a boss a long time back called john cock who had a daughter called rosie ..... ??!!
  3. by   OrionQuiltsRN
    When I was in junior high, I had a teacher whose name was Milo Ball. No joke! You can find it in the phone book to this day. The joke in the school of course, was that his middle name was Harry.

    Two weeks ago, the birth announcements in my town newspaper announced the birth of a little girl. Her parents named her "Abcde Isabella". I took that newspaper with me to Thanksgiving dinner because I knew no one would believe me.
  4. by   rph3664
    Quote from Otessa
    Worked with a physician Dr. Sky Blue

    When I first heard this over the hospital intercom I thought it was a joke.

    One of the best physicians I have worked with in my career.
    Yep, you can find him on Google! He's for real.

    My dad had a procedure done earlier this week by a cardiologist named Dr. Hart. Really.
  5. by   brillohead
    I have a friend whom I've known since elementary school. His last name is Patient, and he always joked that he wanted to become a doctor so they'd call for "Doctor Patient" over the intercom at the hospital. He became a professional comedian instead! LOL

    We have a cardiologist in my town whose name is "Umakant Doctor".... yep, Dr. Doctor! (here's the proof--> Click Here)
  6. by   mydee
    I am actually a pre-nursing student who just got married to an RN! Right after I got married I looked through my hubby paper work where he had the birth certificates of his three boys on his desk. I almost died laughing at one of my step-sons full name. My husband exwife named their last son together True Champion. (They were not together when she gave birth) My hubby mention that when we have children together not to come up with any crazy names.
  7. by   EDjunkie
    daquan...pronounced day kwon....i mean really?? i was seriously wondering if the mom threw a bunch of scrabble pieces into a hat a started pulling out letter.

    shermika is another one. i mean don't get me wrong, i like to be different and unique, but some people definitely take it to another level.
  8. by   ky_grl82
    Quote from Marj Griggs
    Justin Thyme

    My (chemist) bro insisted he would name his children Chlorine, Florine, Bromine and Iodine. He didn't (wife may have had something to do with that)
    OH MY GOSH! My father always has teased me that I was going to be named Justin Thyme if I turned out to be a boy. I was born at 11:45 pm on my mother's birthday... so I was litterally "just in time"! lol
  9. by   areawoman
    My SIL was a nurse in an NICU, and they kept a notebook of the insane things people named their children. My favorites were "Cupcake" and "Meconium." Yep, meconium. I guess she heard it during the delivery and thought it was pretty.
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    Insert standard Dave Barry Disclaimer(TM) = I'm not making this up

    This name was in the phonebook but I don't know about now: Harry Dawg. Currently there is a Goofy Dawg in the phonebook.
    There are so many pages to this thread, I don't know if this one has been said already, but these could be people who don't want their phone numbers listed. I had some friends who did this (list their phone number under a bogus name) rather than pay for an unlisted number... of course one has to be careful not to choose too "creative" a name or they will be the target of adolescent prank callers.
  11. by   JazzyJean_RN
    Quote from areawoman
    My SIL was a nurse in an NICU, and they kept a notebook of the insane things people named their children. My favorites were "Cupcake" and "Meconium." Yep, meconium. I guess she heard it during the delivery and thought it was pretty.

    The weirdest name I have ever heard was from a mom naming her baby BERRIES. It was kind of sweet though. No sooner did I learn that the mother had ORANGE and APPLE as names for her other kids too. Having read MECONIUM, however, sent me rolling on the floor.
  12. by   Peanut06
    I knew of a patient naming their baby girl Shithead pronuced as "Sha tead" ..... The patient came up with the spelling on their own of course.....I have heard the Meconium name also. A few months ago a patient said they wanted to name their baby "unique" and asked how they should spell it. Also, Nevaeh....alot of the teens were naming their daughters this one b/c its "heaven spelled backwards". It's always interesting!! LoL
  13. by   auntb219
    at one point in my career I did occupational health screenings and the girls name was "uretha"--said her mother heard it and like the way it sounded-------