What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 14

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   KaraLea
    Our female Chaplain where I used to work was called Chrys, FINALLY found out what that was short for...

    CHRYSANTHIA ANASTACIA (first name pronounced similar to chrisanthimum, second ah-nah-stah-CEE-ah)

    Also, that baby name book I mentioned earlier had only one word after the name Hortense...NO!
  2. by   Cletus
    oh Give me a break not picking on the black population just stating very common names in my area for them not weird
  3. by   Cindy_A
    My mom had an aunt named Venetia Leonora Theodosia, and her last name was SMITH!
  4. by   Lawlee62
    This week our newspaper ran a story about a 14 yr old killed by a drive by shooting while asleep next to her 2 month old daughter. The 14 yr old had delivered at our hospital. She had named her daughter "Abcedey" (ABCDE)
  5. by   shay
    Originally posted by Kay Shepard
    Former governor of Texas James Hogg DID actually name his daughter Ima. You can look this up for yourself! I am just happy that he didn't have a second daughter....
    OMG!!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??!!!?? That poor girl.......
  6. by   Nienor
    Had a friend named Merry in college - she married a gentleman by the name of Eduard Dick ... All y'all have fun with that one!
  7. by   adrienurse
    My grandmother's name is Mary Prairie (Merry prairie). I never thought anything of it, but people always giggle when I tell them her name.
  8. by   rn2binmay
    Have a friend who named her daughter Hanna and her last name's Gram. hannagram - I think that's terrible. My daughter has a friend in 4th grade named January, last name Waters - I like that. I also like Lyric - different but pretty. There are way too many Jacks and Madisons right now. I think something a little different is ok as long as it's not weird. Just my 2 cents.
  9. by   Nursetobe
    The last name of the OB who delivered my last baby was Payne. One of the forms stated "delivered by Payne".
  10. by   Froggy
    These are ones I know of personally:
    Orangejello and Lemonjello (yes were twins and this wasn't a hoax)
    Hope, Charity, & Faith (were sisters)
    Robin Hood
    Winnie (Winifred) (my great aunts name--guess that was popular back then)

    Go figure!
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  11. by   kimtab
    My Mom is getting a Colonoscopy next week. The Gastroenterologists name is.....Dr. SUNSHINE!

    I told her the sun don't shine down there...
  12. by   mother/babyRN
    Todau we had "Precious Jewel" and her sister, " Destiny Complete" Sighhhhhhh
  13. by   shay
    Originally posted by mother/babyRN
    Todau we had "Precious Jewel" and her sister, " Destiny Complete" Sighhhhhhh

    Ditto sighhhhhhhhhh.