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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   queenjean
    It is a bit depressing, the low opinion and assumptions some of these stories perpetuate about non-english speaking and illiterate people. I mean, I've been illiterate before -- as in, I lived in a foreign country and did not read or write the language much in the beginning, actually I couldn't speak it much, either at first -- and I would not have named my baby after the first sign or word that I saw. I can't believe that most people would. I think stories like this are just silly and unbelievable. I'm sure a few people out of millions and millions name their babies something completely irrational, but I just have a hard time believing there are that many. More likely urban legends that subtly make us feel superior to those most-likely illegal, definately sub-intelligent immigrants.

    And yes, I worked L&D for 6 years and before that worked in a group home for pregnant and parenting teens. So I've seen (and appreciate, and can enjoy a good laugh at) some funky names. My own youngest has a completely made up name -- well, we thought so at the time, but it appears to reinforce that idea that there are no new ideas, as there turn out to be thousands of people with her name, just not in the US. I like to hear the wierd names, and I admire the guts and independence it takes to do something truly strange. I don't have a problem with the good natured laugh, even the shake your head, *** type of giggle--but the complete distain is a bit off-putting.

    The live-and-let-live applies nicely when it's you and yours, but not so much when it is someone else. A curious contradiction in the American culture, and this thread has really illustrated it.
  2. by   Duckyaryj
    My cousins' names are Colt and Wesson (their dad is a big gun fan) my sister's name is Shonilea (pronounced shawna-lea)
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  3. by   ink10300
    Anita Shower- No lie... And she got very offended if you said anything about it
  4. by   IrisZ
    Quote from ink10300
    Anita Shower
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  5. by   vandermom
    How about Jet Spider!!
    A new name this year and used several times is Nevaeh. Then add to that Angel for a middle name. (for those not familiar with this new name read the first name backwards)
  6. by   aander2
    Few weeks ago had a baby boy who's parents named Kaos, pronounced like chaos. Parents were caucasian so there wasn't a possible cultural explanation.
    What's with everybody naming their baby boys Jackson with an "x", Jaxson?
  7. by   Jme1970
    We had a set of twins in our Nicu named Polly and Ester, each named after a grandmother. The parents truely didn't realize when they would say their names together they got " Polly, Ester!" until after the girls were named.
  8. by   vandermom
    Story first child Thruth for the second child.
  9. by   BabyRN2Be
    Quote from vandermom
    A new name this year and used several times is Nevaeh. Then add to that Angel for a middle name. (for those not familiar with this new name read the first name backwards)
    When I worked NICU last year, Nevaeh was one of those popular names. That name drives me nuts - like fingernails on a blackboard, nuts. Everyone who says their child's name, follows it with, "That's Heaven spelled backwards, you know." They say it in such a way which says that they thought the name up. One day I was so tired of the name that when an aunt started to go through the spiel, I stopped her and said, Yeah, I know. That spells "Heaven" backwards. We have, we had 5 little girls named that last week.

    I know it's a little mean, but I really dislike that name.
  10. by   NCnurse2B
    Ok so I haven't read every page in this thread, but almost and I haven't heard a few of these names: Dugger for a boy. I know a couple that has three boys Hunter, Fisher, Gunner a little extreme I think. My sisters name is Skyra, my name is Mekesha and a guy we went to school with named his daughter Skyla. What about names like Zena, Xena, Sparkle, Wolfgang, Ramze, Sylver, and Dax.

    The worst name I have ever heard was when I was in NSG school during my L&D clinical and this very strange couple named their child.....

    Get ready because it's almost down right evil....

    Here goes

    Alucard :angryfire Ohhhh yes they did!! THAT's DRACULA SPELLED BACKWARDS!!!! That freaked us all out and the parents of this poor child did it on purpose.
  11. by   ElvishDNP
    Wolfgang is a little unusual but it's not so bad....but naming your kid after Dracula? Come on, people!
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  12. by   santhony44
    Well, Alucard is not totally unique, because I've run into one, too, in Texas. Poor kids.

    Seen in a local newspaper: Cash Fortune.

    And I recently read an article about an up-and-coming country singer named Cole Deggs. He commented that his parents apparently never said the two out loud until he'd been named. He also said that it's a great conversation starter!
  13. by   jacsuzwin
    I went to school with a boy named Justin Case. Parents thought it was hysterical.

    My daughter has a girl in her class named Darien. Darien's brother is named Darren.