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A few years after I graduated from college, a friend of mine invited me to be one of her supporters at her first birth. Her husband and a few other family members were there, of course. I was... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Suffice to say, the OP has more going on than just the birth experience regarding the decision whether to have kids or not.
  2. by   flytern
    It's your body. As long as your fiance and you are in agreement about this, who else has any say so?
    I have 4 siblings, all of us married. I'm the only one with children. None of my brothers/sisters were interested in having children. Not that they wouldn't have made great parents, it's just something that they weren't interested in. But boy do they make great aunts/uncles!

    As someone else has said, there are millions of kids waiting to be adopted, if the birth itself puts you off.

    Again, it's your life/body. Hang in there.
  3. by   Mermaid4
    You know, it is what it is...You know how you feel and not everyone has to feel the same. You have to let your mom know her boundaries with you. That would be like you insisiting she tell you all about her sex life or something equally personal.....I am sorry you had the memory imprinting of such an experience regarding pain. I hope everything works out for you. Good luck and congratulations of finding Mr. Wonderful. My sister decided at age 25 that she didn't want to have children and had an elective tubal (which I don't think they would often do now a days on someone so young), or your husband could have a vasectomy....
  4. by   cardiacRN2006
    To the OP-My advice would be to be very, very sure that you never want to have children naturally prior to getting your tubes tied.
    I never wanted any children also. My DH had his children and that was fine by me. But, there was a time when this all changed. You need to really know for sure that your BF is completely, 100% behind never having children with you. My DH thought I was, and I wasn't.

    Some things cannot be reversed. Remember this is a permanent surgery. Just my two cents worth. Trust me, dealing with infertility is no walk in the park.
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