What is your personal record for babies delivered in a shift? - page 2

What is the most deliveries you've attended in a 12 hour shift? Just wondering:)... Read More

  1. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I have only worked in small hospitals that have 10-30 deliveries a month. I think 3, maybe four is my record.
  2. by   TammyWilson808
    We did 7 deliveries in one 12 hr. shift and that is with two RNs, no unit secretary and two MDs. Our feet did not touch the ground that day. The pace was hectic, patients just came in three or four at a time. We have 5 LDRPs so the pp overflowed onto M/S and the nurses there took care of them. WHEW!!!
  3. by   NICU_Nurse
    Well, I work in NICU, and just yesterday I admitted 3 babies in one 12 hour shift, which is A LOT for us. Our well-baby nursery frequently gets 10-15 babies or more in a 24 hour period, but our nurseries usually only get 1 per nursery per shift, and sometimes not even that. I was assigned to Level II with a pull nurse from PostPartum, and she couldn't take admits. Hoo, boy...I'm so GLAD I'm off tonight!!! I'm beat.