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I'm a little hesitant to ask this, given the thread on asking questions in another forum ;) , but I'm a paediatric nursing student in the UK, and whilst I get a maternity placement and a NICU... Read More

  1. by   cindyln
    You know Deb I think that we work in the same hospital.

  2. by   mother/babyRN
    We aren't staffed that way either, period...The other night shift from hell (and I have had several in all three areas lately), I had a baby withdrawing from methadone and the pediatrician refused to acknowledge it....I had 8 babies by myself plus this poor child ( in our "well" baby nursery)...Finally, after at least one night shift of horror, called the oncall pedi and begged them to start DTO....The poor child went from projectile vomiting, to skin excoriation, irritablility etc.....Plus, since my helpers from delivery were getting slammed and couldn't come over, and pp was as equally assailed, it isn't as though anyone could come in and comfort the poor tyke...Also, though it is my policy to send breast feeding babies out as soon as they are hungry ( and I hate those moms who want to sleep but don't want you to formula feed and don't want to pump), especially if they return unsettled, but that is directly dependent on who on pp is available to send them out. Forget getting out to see how people do breast feeding, and in my case, in some sort of quirk, 6 of those babies, including the meth one, were bottle fed...And, there is no bathroom in the nursery.....The mom was on 140 mg meth a day....Took me much of the night to get the dosage set, set up with pharmacy, etc....AND got spoken to for OT....Moms do take the babies in the am, whether they want to or not when I am on, but then there is documentation and the like, not to mention getting the pharmacist on call to come in...And somehow, the supervisors, per usual do not take ANY area of OB seriously.....So, as far as the well baby nursery and babysitting goes, when my meth baby went into convulsions just before I could get it started, and the two boarder babies, who had no moms to send them out to, acted up, I have to say that rooming in sounded like an excellent idea to me......
  3. by   mother/babyRN
    Here is the other thing...If something happens out on pp, or if delivery needs backup, I as the nursery nurse, am the backup. In the very severe setting, which with our staffing, happens all too often, I will bring babies out and tell them they have to watch them because no nursery nurse is currently available...That never sits well and we hear a lot about how terrible we must be for "forcing the babies on their moms", which makes me laugh....
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    I hear ye, mother/baby...oh yea i do.
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    We weren't heather. But thanks for your input.
    No, thank you for allowing me to contribute.
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    We transfer moms and babies to pp care 2 hours post delivery. Most of the rooms are tiny, but there is a sleep chair is available for a family member. We also have semiprivate rooms, but the fob is not allowed to stay in those rooms (although I think a female family member can stay). The babies are not bathed until the post partum nurse takes over. We do not have a nursery for pp, sometimes on nights babies will be out at the nurses station so mom can sleep.

    Any baby whose mom is too ill, or a boarder infant are brought into our almost-level ii nursery. Last I heard, we are doing 350 deliveries a month. Our nursery usually has a census of 9-10 babies, officially a 10 bed nursery, but we have had 15-20 babies for the last month. For the most part, they are premies and r/o sepsis babies, RDS babes that need a vent go out to Childrens. Our staffing sounds like it is for all of you, not enough nurses, too many patients.

    It is amazing that moms get any teaching that they remember, the first day a lot of it goes in one ear and out the other. We have a high teen pregnancy rate, and they don't always want the cartoons interrupted. We have thought it would be nice to treat the water in the high schools...................maybe middle schools too......

    Patients do have the option of staying 48 hours, and 96 for a c/s. Some of them want to take advantage of this, esp. the multips, that know about it. At one point we did have a nursery staffed for babysitting, and the moms were very happy to be able to sleep.

    I hope the deliveries slow down soon, staff are wearing out. Sometimes even well paid overtime gets to be too much of a good thing.