Waiting for a call!!

  1. Well I've inquired at a large local hospital about the possibility of any job opening in OB. The recruiter just emailed me that the NM will be calling me. Its for a part time night position....BUT I figure it will at least get me in the door. Then it will be easier to switch to a full time (days hopefully lol) job.
    Wish me luck! I have 6 weeks to graduation!
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  3. by   GingerSue
    nice - a part-time job
    nights can be fine (I like nights)
    and congratulations on your graduation
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    GOOD LUCK and let us know.
  5. by   jodyangel
    Hmmm well it was a good interview. BUT its a part time job with No chance of going fulltime in the near future. The NM said that nurses just don't leave the postpartum floor. And she has 4 nurses waiting for fulltime day postions. So she said she wanted to be perfectly honest and tell me that she could not promise that the parttime would go fulltime any time soon.
    I need a fulltime job if I want benefits obviously. I'm not sure what I should do now...I really want in this hospital. They pay for your LPN experience when they hire you as a GN.
    I emailed the recruitor and she said there were no openings in L&D either. But she said would I be interested in a general/gyn surgery floor. I don't even know what that is LOL. Would it be a stepping stone???
  6. by   jodyangel
    Bottom line is I want an L&D position. I would start anywhere in OB, but I believe L&D is where I want to settle into. Do I take a position in the hospital and wait for a position to open up? Will being a part of the hospital already give me an "up" to getting the OB position eventually? Or do I look at other hospitals in the area to see if I can get a position in OB there. I really want to work for this hospital system..its big, seems to have their act together and the nurses I've talked to from there are very happy. But if I take a med surg position, I have to work it for 6 months before I can move....I just feel very uncertain about what route to take. Hellpppp!!!
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Hi Jody, see my PM to you. Hope it helps.
  8. by   cinthern
    It is SO hard to get a position in L&D, so I say take it, because at least you are in, and see what happens from there. You NEVER know what can happen, but if you don't take the position now whatever is available now may not be available soon. Take it, get all the experience you can, and go with it for now.

  9. by   jodyangel
    Well its postpartum. And the NM was very strong about not much possiblity of an opening coming around any time soon.........ppl already in line.
    So right now I'm looking at some other hospitals and trying to sort it all out. I might work agency for a bit after grad and keep bugging the various recruitors for a bit...still mulling it over. I just want to get into the unit. Don't really want to "waste" alot of time on Medsurg lol. Been there Done that. Keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes open for now!!
  10. by   crissrn27
    I think I would take the part time, and hope really hard, if you are dead set on going to this hospital. Easier if you have your foot inthe door. Maybe a spot will come up in L and D sooner than in PP? Maybe they will think you're such a great nurse they'll "make" a full time opening! Good luck!
  11. by   jodyangel
    All the recruitors are off today lol..so on Tuesday I will make some calls. Yes I think its smart on the one hand to just get in the door to make contacts. I thought about sending an email or letter directly to the NM of L&D. I just need her name!!
  12. by   FLOBRN
    Take the part time job. There are ALWAYS people looking for someone to work their shift. You could easily end up working full time hours esp with prime vacation times coming up.
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    AMEN to above post. I work a lot as a perdiem person, just covering others' sick calls, vacations and desired days off. you CAN work a lot more if you are flexible.
  14. by   jodyangel
    Well thanks! I am def. going to inquire. She had explained during our initial interview that I would have to be available to orient, and that could not happen until I graduate Obviously. SO, I will call tomorrow. If the position will wait until after the middle of May I think its wisest to take it and wait for a perm position as you all said.
    Part of My problem is that I am the person who carrys the benefits in my family. So I do need a fulltime position so we have health care =)