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Hi All! My sister is due May 24 w/ her 2nd baby. The doc asked her if she wanted a c-section since she had had one w/ her 1st baby. She said that the doc told her that VBACs are frowned upon now... Read More

  1. by   dbscandy
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by boggle
    (I think "failure to progress" should be renamed "failure to wait".)

    I LOVE this line and with your permission, I will use it!!! IMHO, we do wayyyyyy too many c-secs in my hosp. I work in NICU and attend high-risk/c-sec deliveries. It is amazing the number of women who seriously ask for inducement or c-sec. And why do doctors treat labor like a visit from an alien force (though for some it may feel like this! ;>)? "I don't want you to have to go through this...would you like a c-sec?"

    And do they ever tell the mom and father exactly what is involved in a c-sec? The serious physiological dynamics involved for the mother, the unnaturalness of it all?

    I think more to the point is the doc saying,"I don't want the discomfort of getting up at 0200 and coming in for you in labor. Let's plan this thing, nice and neat."

    Or, better yet, "I've got a dinner party at 8; let's get this done. Then we can all have a nice evening."