Ultrasound-free sex predictor

  1. What are some of the predictors to a baby's sex that you have heard of? (ex. tie a strand of hair around your wedding ring and hold it over your pregnant belly and depending on which direction it moves depends on the sex of the baby)
    I was watching house of babies today. The pregnant woman's ring was spinning in circle, they said that meant it was going to be a girl. They did an ultrasound immediately after and it was a girl!:spin:
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  3. by   MamaTheNurse
    I've heard of the fetal heart rate thing - a certain rate is a boy, certain one is a girl - I never remember which one
    I've heard the "if you carry low and out front, it's a boy, all around and your butt gets really big, it's a girl" (my friend who has 7 kids swore she knew each time what sex she was having because of this)
    Isn't there something about pee & Drano?

    I try not to be a buzz-kill but I don't believe ultrasound one bit - I've seen it be WRONG too many times!!! I had a partial placenta-previa with my youngest so I had serial ultrasounds and he shook his willy at us multiple times and I still brought a boy AND girl outfit to the hospital and made sure I had a girl name picked out..............

    heck, I even had a patient who had amniocentesis (for something genetic in her family) and they told her she was having a perfectly healthy baby girl - trouble was, they sampled HER cells by mistake (hence the female thing) and she had a boy instead - I'll never forget the look on her and her husband's faces when the doc announced it was a boy - she immediately burst into tears and the father almost fainted - thank goodness the baby was a healthy little guy but he went home to a very pink and frilly nursery!!!

    from then on, I only believe people know the sex when they tell me they had an amnio and it said they are having a boy................
  4. by   Aneroo
    There is a blood gender predictor. The mother sends in a sample of her blood. They (the company) say they can tell whether the baby is male or female, depending on if there is male chromosomes in the blood or not.
    I've heard stories of it being wrong, and them refusing to give a refund.
  5. by   piscesgirl
    Through out my moms entire pregnancy, the doctor swore up and down i was a boy. He also joked that my mom had an alien inside her because my heart rate was wierd. Then i was born, the doc announced a girl, and i was born somewhere between 1:20 and 1:25 pm. My first two initials are ET. :roll
  6. by   Princess74
    My sister has done the wedding ring thing to EVERYONE she has ever know that was having a baby. She has only been wrong 1 time.
  7. by   NurseFromTexas
    I've heard of using a pencil and attatching a sewing needle to the eraser and having thread tied through the eye. Holding it above the palm of your hand and the direction of the sway would determine the sex of the baby. It has worked on me three times and it also is suppose to not only tell the sex of a baby if your pregnant but it tells your total kids starting with number 1 and doesnt finish till it tells you all your children even unborn. This has worked in our family except with one sister-in-law.
  8. by   midwife2b
    My mom is a retired L&D RN; she would feel the abdomen if someone asked her to "guess". If the abdomen was warm, it was a boy. If cool, it was a girl. These were not women in labor... and she seemed to be right more than wrong!
  9. by   Schmoo1022
    I'm curious! I am six months with my second child and hubby and I decided to wait until the birthday to find out, but it's fun guessing!!
    With baby number 1, I had morning sickness for a short time and gained a lot.
    This time I was sick, sick sick..and have gained a lot less as a result!! We shall see in March
  10. by   gauge14iv
    I have noticed that facial features seem to become "coarser" in mothers who are carrying boys. Sort of wider, larger nose, I dunno - it's just a thing I have noticed. It reverts to normal within a couple months after delivery. This doesn't seem to happen with girls. It isn't just a weight gain thing....