Sucky weekend - page 4

We managed to lose 3 babies this weekend. Saturday: 38 week IUFD. Saturday: 36 week Trisomy 18. Baby made it to about 24 hours old before she passed in her mother's arms. Sunday: 40 week... Read More

    It is always sad when you loose one. But too loose 3 how horrible it must have been. I admire yall so much for handling the babies I just dont have it in me to look the parent in the eye when that happens. One of my worst C sections was a set of twins and one was a FD, the entire time I was assisting with the delivery I had tears running down my face so hard and I tried to remain silent for the parents. Its one of the most traumatic events for myself if surgery. There wasnt a dry eye in the entire OR suite. They were so thankful that they atleast had one of the twins to continue on with , I had to admire thier spirit. When the case was completed all the nurses in the room gathered in the locker room and said a prayer for the innocent child and the family. It was the only way I had closure at the time. To this day I think about that family and how thier doing, and how they cope with the loss.