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Ackermann-Liebrich U et al. Home versus hospital deliveries: follow up study of matched pairs for procedures and outcomes. BMJ, 1996;313: 1313-1318. During delivery the home birth group needed... Read More

  1. by   BETSRN
    Quote from fergus51
    I think it's odd that women can't have this option if they chose it as no OB doc here will do them and we don't have any midwives either. The litterature all points to it being as safe as a hospital birth for certain women, but they still subjected to scare tactics. A fellow L&D nurse who was a midwife in Britain said the time it takes to get to the hospital (a few minutes) is not wasted because the doc, anesthetist, nurses, would be setting up for the c-section during that time.
    Think again. NO hospital staff are going to prepare for something they have no knowledge about. Time is always wasted, even when you are already IN the hospital. Uually setting up is not the problem. Not being near immediate help is the issue here. Although I support a person's right to choose, I would never chose HB for myself. Even working in thew risk/low intervention setting that I do, I know how quickly one can go from fine to bad. I woul rather see more of the option of coming in to birth aqnd then having the option to go home in 12 hours if both mom and baby are stable (which is usually the case).
  2. by   Gompers
    While I understand why homebirths are a very attractive option for many women...

    I would never do it personally. Like others have said, I've seen too much. I want a hospital, an IV (just in case), fetal monitors, and an experienced high risk delivery team a phone call away. Yes, bad things can happen at home or in the hospital, but at least in the hospital everything is right there. Seconds count.

    Can you tell I'm a NICU nurse?
  3. by   fergus51
    Bets, I am talking about where the midwife and OB are working together in the hospital. She seemed to make it sound like the midwife could call the hospital and they would start setting up for the c-section while they came in. I don't remember the conversation exactly because you quoted a very old post I wouldn't have a hb either, but where I was living at the time I posted that, no one could have one with a trained health care provider. No midwives, no obs willing to do it.