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If you can share what is the strangest (funniest, most unique) request a pt or family memeber has ever aks?... Read More

  1. by   melrina75
    We had a young CHI patient, who was a Rancho III with no hopes of improvement, on our floor and his family asked us to put him on the transplant list. We needed clarification as for what the transplant was for. They were very enraged, because how dare we not consider him for the brain transplant list they saw on tv last week!! NO KIDDING!! They were VERY upset when we told them that was not medically possible and said they were going to go the press and accuse us of not giving it to him because he didn't have insurance!!:roll Some people just have no sense!!!
  2. by   flytern
    I remember the show. It was a food show (go figure) on PBS. The placenta was fried up and eaten on crackers. In England.

    Mine: I had a bald father rub the placenta on his head for 1/2hr, supposedly to grow back hair. All it did was make him look extremely gross!
  3. by   savedbutterfly
    My son was in the room when I had my daughter so was my mom and husband, if there were any problems my mom was there to take him out. He was the one who got to tell my daughter her name for the first time. Overall I had a great experience and my son was very happy that he was not excluded from the room. And he never had any type of distress from the experience.
  4. by   TNNurse92
    Several years ago I cared for a middle aged patient who was a post lap choley. She requested that I assist her to the restroom. She then requested that I "put your finger in my butt, I KNOW that Dr. XXX sewed it up while he had me in there" When I told her no she proceeded to argue and then bent over and yelled that I should look closely because she KNEW he had sewn it up.
  5. by   missdeevah
  6. by   Galore
    My mom had her first child in a hospital and hated the experience, so she had the rest of us at home with a midwife and family friends over to assist. I can't remember if we watched the actual birth, but we were all home and could hear what was going on, and were definitely in the room when our siblings were being cleaned up, umbilical cord cut, all of that. I was age 2.5 for one brother's birth and 7 for the youngest, and truthfully the only thing I really remember about one of the births is that we got to have McDonald's Happy Meals for dinner that night because everyone was too busy too cook! We were poor and my mom was very hippie granola back then so that was a rare treat for us. I can see how in a sterile hospital setting it might seem weird to have a toddler observing, but I don't recall it being traumatic and even if it was I have very vague memories of it anyway.