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If you can share what is the strangest (funniest, most unique) request a pt or family memeber has ever aks?... Read More

  1. by   beanie29
    Quote from KellNY
    cardiac-believe it or not, placenta eating is beneficial for the mother. That said, I wouldn't do it. But I would plant a fruit bearing tree on top of one (and plan on it).
    Yes, I've heard of this before. It's supposed to help with post-partum depression and contraction of the uterus back to its non-pg shape & to stop bleeding. Maybe additional reasons, although those are the only ones I can remember.
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  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I had a patient (who had no bowel troubles) ask me to give her an enema, even though in 10 years of OB nursing, we have not done this anyplace I worked. When I told her of the possibility of runny poops at inopportune moments, and electrolyte imbalances, she did not care. She wanted a "completely clean" birth, whatever that means. She wound up asking the MD for one and he gave me an order to do it. So I did.

    the only time I ever gave an elective enema in 10 years in OB practice.

    And yes, runny poop happens after these, even when you think it's "done". Yuck. It was far from a "clean birth" experience for her.
  3. by   ElvishDNP
    Placenta is also supposed to be really high in iron. Perhaps people find it as a good way to build up their strength after delivery...just a thought. Especially in places where iron supplements/PNVs aren't readily available or affordable. Just my $.02
  4. by   nurse79
    well, mine wasnt a request per say, but during the UCs a pt BIT, yes BIT her husbands hand. She did penetrate the skin! She was complete, so she delivered quickly and didnt bite too long but poor dad had marks up and down his arm. She was yelling "you did this to me!" and would not listen to the nurse or docs request to stop...crazy!
  5. by   jrring1019
    On a birth plan pt requested vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup during labor, and she did not bring these in with her. She thought the hospital would have it.

    She also requested that the toddler sibling be on the bed with her during birth AND cut the cord. Talk about ptsd.
  6. by   gr8rnpjt
    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    Had a woman ask to keep the placenta so that they could eat it. At least, that's what they told us...
    I saw this done on TV. The woman made a pate and served it to guests at a party after the birth. She served it on crackers or bread or something.
  7. by   love2shop
    Quote from gr8rnpjt
    I saw this done on TV. The woman made a pate and served it to guests at a party after the birth. She served it on crackers or bread or something.
    SHUT UP You are so joking???? Please tell me are? Maybe I don't want to go into OB?
  8. by   ElvishDNP
    A lot of people in a lot of places eat placenta. It's not that unusual in other countries.
  9. by   gr8rnpjt
    Quote from love2shop
    SHUT UP You are so joking???? Please tell me are? Maybe I don't want to go into OB?

    I am so notjoking!! I wish I could remember what show I was watching. It was either one of the discovery channels, or an HBO documentary. I think it was in another country to be honest, because they all spoke with an accent.
  10. by   love2shop
    At our facility it is against policy (and enforced) to accept anything from
    the even a little peice of candy. This could be the real reason.:roll
  11. by   marygirl
    smilingblueyes, enemas during labor/before birth used to be a common practice. when I went to the hospital in labor 20 years ago, I was first told by the nurse to "show me a contraction" and when I couldn't produce one, was told to go home and return when I'm really in labor. I didn't go home, I had a hissy fit and insisted that my doctor be called. I gave birth exactly 20 minutes after I arrived at the hospital and while I was pushing my son out, I had a bit of a "messy birth" myself and the same nurse then complained that nobody had even given me an enema. Possibly, if I could have produced a contraction on demand, she might have given me an enema and I could have had a "runny poop messy birth" instead.
  12. by   kittagirl
    Just a quick link for placenta recipes for any one interested (it's a very new age hippy thing over here at the minute)
    I know I've read an article recently by a news paper writer who had had very bad post-partum depression with her first baby and was afraid it would happen with her 2nd and this was advised as a preventative? She reckoned it worked.
    Cann't find that one but have found this article

    I like the idea of burying it and planting a tree or rose bush or some thing over it
  13. by   prmenrs
    I just love deliveries where I'm up to my rear in granola.