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  1. Hi all, I have a question for everyone. The hospital where I previously worked, mostly as a nursery nurse, we did NOT wear sterile gloves for baby care immediately post birth. Even in c-sec, we usually wore clean gloves. The hospital wear I am now, the peds team wears sterile gloves even in a vaginal delivery! Kind of crazy to me, what are they, like 15-20$ a pack? We don't wear sterile gloves for baby clean up, if we don't have to call peds. What does everyone else do?

    BTW, the peds team wouldn't be doing any kind of sterile procedure, like placing umbilical lines, in the DR. I thought at first that is why they wore them, but no.
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    No sterile gloves for newborn baby care.
    If I'm baby nurse in a section, I use them only because I approach the doc's sterile field for the baby hand-off.
  4. by   crysobrn
    Same here. Just clean gloves unless we're catching a hand off at a c/s... Usually our peds do that but if they don't make it,it's up to us.
  5. by   JenTheRN
    Same as above. We only wear sterile gloves for c-sections.
  6. by   cassioo
    my hospital doesn't them for the c/s hand off because MD leaves the table and takes baby to the warmer just have to remind some people at delivery not to touch anything sterile on the warmer until MD has placed baby and removed his hands
  7. by   crissrn27
    Thanks guys, glad to know I am not crazy! This hospital had an increase in infections at some point, so maybe that is why? Anyway, thanks for the responses.
  8. by   jenrninmi
    Just clean gloves here. No good reason to use sterile gloves.
  9. by   MamaMadge
    Clean gloves where I work too. During C-sec, surgeon places baby onto warmer on sterile crib blankets. We pass the wrapped baby to the nursery nurse.