1. I was looking to go into nursing.. I thought maybe I'd start with a Nurses aide certification then try to work for a hospital that would pay for my nursing school. But I am a working mother of a 2 month old. Are they any programs for nurses/nurses aides that I can enroll in? I'd need night/weekend courses Is it only colleges that offeres these?
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  3. by   AbigailsMom
    Opps I forgot to add, I want to work in L&D.
  4. by   RNIAM
    hi. The best place to try is a communtiy college, or long term care facilities. Hope this is helpful.
  5. by   fulwood
    I am attending CNA course taught through Red Cross, It's 5 week course and from 6-10 Mon-Thur nites and all day Saturday. Works for me as I can't afford to leave my current job yet. Try Red Cross as well..
  6. by   Dayray
    Nurseing homes often offer the best scheduals for CNA classes. community colleges and hospitals may have them too and there are some private CNA only schools out there.

    My advice would be to call the staff development department of your local hospitals they should be able to refer you too a CNA class. You should also call any community colleges in your area and ask for the nurseing or commuinty education department.

    Hehe interseting you asked this question. I just had teenage mom as apatient today and spent a good amount of time trying to find a CNA class she could attend ~nothing like good timeing =P
  7. by   lindagio
    I tried medical assisting first to ensure I would like the medical field. It pays better than CNA and for OB you can work in an OB/GYN office to get the experience you need. No weekends or holidays either. I am close to taking the NCLEX now and am excited to start my career as an RN in a pediatric hospital. I worked in a family practice for 4 years so that helped. Good luck!! I am from Georgia so I am not sure what schools to attend. My license took 1 year to get. I took night classes so it was longer than the people who went during the day. I hope this helps