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Ok, now I know we've all taken care of pts like this...... Last noc I sent a pt home who was 36w2d......had mild cntx for a day now and was MAD at md and staff because she was sent home (didn't... Read More

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    Originally posted by Kristi2377
    Perhaps you should send these moms to ME (or your nearest NICU!) for a nice little tour and visual 'demo' of what REALLY happens when their babies are born before they should be. I'd be more than happy to show them what THEIR baby would look like with an ETT stuffed down their throat, an NGT crammed in their tiny nostril, hooked up to a ventilator or surrounded by a wall of equipment and cords. These are the same mothers who I will meet on my unit who will inevitably be frustrated that their babies can't breathe on their own, can't come home early like their momma's sister's best friend's baby did, can't even go home at their original due date because he/she's developed an infection that may never have happened if they'd never been exposed to the nasty germs inside an NICU. Maybe show them pictures of a baby who had to have her little foot amputated after developing osteomyelitis because she had to be stuck for an IV so many times because the doctors wouldn't place a central line and somehow along the way got a wayward IV needle jammed into her tibia that no one knew about until it was too late. I'd be delighted to introduce them to a cute little 36 weeker who was fed to much too soon and ended up with necrotizing enterocolitis, who perfed and needed to have her rotten, dead intestines cut out and has a beautiful little ostomy bag that her mother can't stand to look at or touch. Maybe after that, we can take them to the developmental clinic so they can see a couple of babies who suffered from severe grade IV IVH's and now have cerebral palsy and will need serious medical care for the rest of their lives. Think your hospital can arrange something like that? I'd jump on board in a heartbeat.

    Sorry. It's kind of morbid, but I will NEVER for the life of me understand what these women are thinking sometimes. God/Mother Nature designed pregnancy to last nine months FOR A REASON, you know? Now, suddenly, with technology at their fingertips, some of these people think anything that happens can be conveniently and quickly fixed with a little TLC and maybe a few expensive pieces of equipment. We have moms all the time who come in after taking 'home remedies' (and I'm phrasing that gently) to have their babies early because someone told them that, yeah, the baby might be vented for a few days but after that it'll be okay and they'll get to to take the baby home earlier. I guess this just touched a nerve. Sorry, again. Had a bad night.
    Pregnant moms who drink and do drugs also need to be sent your way. It takes seeing these kinds of tragedies for some people to wake up.
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    sister-in-law was induced just because she wanted to be able to travel from Massachusetts to New York for Easter Sunday. I can understand nerves and the such but selfish. . .
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    dawngloves glad your little one was good, but my two 36 weekers were little screamy meemee's and so are lots of the others i see. some like your baby are great sleepers and eaters, but many are not. also you probably didn't smoke a ppd like a lot of our pt's last child born at 39+ weeks was a quieter better eater and sleeper. she just wasn't as jumpy as the other two.
    we even have idiots come in who tell that "my sister had a baby at 26 weeks and she's fine. i don't see why you need to give me something to stop my contractions." the world is full of kooky people and most of the kookiest are fertile.
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    Originally posted by cyberkat
    I like the ones who say "I need a C-section on such and such a date because I have a meeting at work that I can't miss". And they get it. Nevermind, they're 36 weeks.
    that is unbelievable behavior! I had an "emergency" c-section and would NEVER opt to go through that again. Women like that are too self-centered.

    BTW I was 2 weeks over due! (and still wanted a vaginal birth )
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    I had a patient the other day that was actually upset at the fact the she had a reactive NST. She was 37 weeks and wanted a section to get it out !! How selfish could you possibly be to not want a healthy baby?! If she does not come in daily, she calls. She has been at 2, 50% for a week now, it is a battle of wills between her and the OB.

    It can get very frustrating sometimes, we see alot of pts who are tired of being PG. I have to bite my tongue alot. I want to tell them , I would give anything to be in thier shoes.
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    I'm not sure that there is any amount of convincing that can be done for some women. OK to induce at 26 weeks? -- she needs a psych consult. Again, this is a fast-food society -- I want what I want when I want it -- and I want it NOW. This is not about the baby's well being -- it's about the mother's convenience. And doctor's who oblige & feed into it -- also partially own the outcome. Very sad, very ridiculous. n
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    You know, many (most?) hospitals don't include the NICU on their 'hospital tours' and I think this is a horrible mistake. I realize that we have HIPPA now, and patient confidentiality must be preserved, but oh, how I wish I could take some of these women by the neck and force them to come in and look at what they're potentially doing to their babies. I have always felt that nothing is quite as successful (aside from actual first-person experience) as a stark visual aid to drive home an important point. Sometimes I wish I could just organize a traveling class or lecture designed especially for these moms- the ones who are so impatient for WHATEVER reason to get their babies outoutOUT into the world sooner than they're meant to be. Premature birth is shocking and traumatic for everyone involved, but ESPECIALLY the baby, and I don't think these moms realize this sometimes. Our culture is inundated with images of fat Gerber babies, and even preemies on TV are healthy one month olds. Photographers like Anne Geddes make a fortune taking pictures of cute, miniature versions of those babies- never a tube or line in sight. None of that translucent, chafed and bruised skin. No tape burns or permanant Broviac scars or misshapen skulls from lying on the sides of their faces. I totally support the March of Dimes research, but can't help feeling that they'd be even MORE successful in thier fundraising efforts than they already are if they had THESE pictures on thier web site:
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    All hail nurse Kristi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah..i think those pics would do it.
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    See my thread titled "VBAC question" sister's doc told her that since she is due on the 24th of May, if she decides she wants a c-section, he will take the baby during the week of the 12th so "she won't have to go thru labor..." !!!

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    Hel-LOW, people (and by people, I mean MD's who are guilty of this as well as mommies who can possibly think this is a good idea and still believe that they have the baby's best interests at heart), PREGNANCY WAS DESIGNED TO LAST APPROXIMATELY NINE MONTHS


    TO INCLUDE THE LABOR PROCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aRRRRRRRRRRGgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh !!!

    The process of birth does at least ONE very important thing, off of the top of my head, which is to compress the lungs of the infant to help clear out amniotic fluid, thus enhancing the baby's natural ability to breathe on his or her own. Any of these people hear of RDS? Grrrrrr. God forbid that someone who would OTHERWISE HAVE A NATURAL, HEALTHY birth have to actually GO THROUGH the labor process. I mean, heck, the baby is one thing, they can be played with and dressed up, but labor? Ahh, what's the point of that? (Pardon me while I scream with frustration. I'm screaming. Still screaming. Nope, not done yet. No-...wait...nope, still at it.)


    I need a margarita.
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    What I can't understand is this...when you get pregnant you know it's a 40 week process...and if you can't hack it, DON'T GET PREGNANT Suck it up, worse things have happened. If it's that bad for your schedule...just wait until they become little children! Ooooh, they grate me...

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    At a unit meeting of the L&D nurses called the end result of labor the "product". That was enlightening....To us in the level II it's a baby!

    Kristi.....when the tcom is that size on his chest, he's very that the same baby in your avatar?