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Can someone tell me where I could find a website to help with postpartum care plans? I have a careplan book but it doesn't have anything specifically for postpartum. My textbook also has very little... Read More

  1. by   Jany1208
    Hi i'm confused, i'm triyng to do a postpartum care plan but i dont know how , can someone help me!!! Can someone send me something where i can find examples!!!
  2. by   MKMC3
    I don't want to be rude or egotistical, but I'm a nursing student, and I need a diagnosis for a perfectly healthy postpartum mom, and I was going to put a post on here just to list what ideas I had and ask if I was headed in the right direction. Then I saw all these posts asking for people to send each other their careplans and whatnot...I mean, if you have a general idea, then the rest of the careplan shouldn't be a problem, right? I just don't know how you'll learn if you copy from another person's careplan. If your school has a nursing tutor, you should go see them, because my school's tutor helped me out quite a few times...just a suggestion...I don't intend to offend...
  3. by   NurseNikki28
    Click on this link below and it takes you to an online maternal infant care plan book. Only 1/2 the book is available online, but most of the time it is enough to get you started. You can also search other care plan books off the site. Good look!
  4. by   Hushi05
    The idea behind a careplan is that you use your nurse brain to THINK about your patient's needs. How does copying a prepackaged careplan teach you anything?
  5. by   Chumpcoinc
    At my school we are currently doing an OB nursing rotation and expected to do a postpartum care plan. However, we are NOTallowed to use ANY of the following Dx:

    1. Any Risk for Dx
    2. Any Pain Dx
    3. Any knowledge deficit Dx.
    4. Reuse a Dx we used on a previous care plan...that eliminates Impaired skin integrity, and Disturbed sleep pattern. (which incidentally my pt was neither!)

    Talk about having your hands tied. My pt was a completely healthy (both physically and emotionally) young lady. Her and her husband are ecstatic over the birth of their first child, he seems very supportive, as does her family. She was discharged during at the end of my shift (would have been much earlier, but her doctor "forgot" she was even in the hospital and never came to see her until the end of the day!) ...I have literally gone through the NANDA book twice and eliminated every possibility!

    The only thing my pt had was GDM, which she controlled beautifully with exercise and diet during her pregnancy. And a 2 laceration...but I can't use pain or skin integrity. Talk about a nightmare.

    It is possible that my frustration has gotten the better of me, so if anyone has any suggestions...I am all ears. Remember the stipulations on top though!

    Thanks in advance.