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How many births does your unit have per year? Do you have 24/7 in-house anesthesia? Do you have 24/7 in-house OB provider covereage?... Read More

  1. by   wubbakat
    about 700 deliveries per year,
    No Anesthesiologist 27/7 in house, except during business hours, on call on weekends, but if epidural infusing CRNA stay in house until delivered, the anesthesiologist doesn't stay in house.
    OB on call 24/7 but doesn't have to be in house, but is easily accessed.
  2. by   cpearson77
    18,000+ deliveries per yr.
    24/7 In-house Anesthesia services
    24/7 In-house OB/Midwife Coverage
  3. by   DST2RN
    6281 to be exact for 2006
    Yes to both question but we have a couple of each and they have there own little bedrooms in our L&D facility
  4. by   Kyrshamarks
    I don't work OB but the hospital I work for just bought the neighboring hospital (think attached building) OB sservice and they are doing 20,000 per year. We are building a new 10 story OB building and expect to be able to get up to 30-40000 births per year by 2010.
  5. by   HappyNurse2005
    where do you live? 40K in births is a darned lot....
    i thought parkland in Texas did like, 16K a year and was the busiest....where would there be demand for double that? no use in having capacity for 40K births if there is no demand....

    just curious
  6. by   Kyrshamarks
    Houston Texas.

    parkland last I heard was doing about 25,000 a year. our Hospital aims to be the largest in the country for births.
  7. by   kathiecnm
    We are doing 450 births/month, 5,400/year. We have 24/7 anesthesiology coverage & one group has an OB in-house 24/7 who ends up covering all the emergencies when the physician of record is not in house. We do all our own scheduled & emergency C/S & are so busy that we may need to either add another anesthesiologist or take our scheduled C/S down to the main OR. Anyone with numbers like ours that has the BEST solution for our growing problem?
  8. by   kathiecnm
    We do 4800+ births per year
    We have one anesthesiologist 24/7, but they do C/S on the floor as well as epidural anesthesia
    One practice has an OB & occassionally a CNM in house 24/7, but they cover two hsopitals & occassionally the OB gets called to the other hospital leaving us without OB coverage.
    We are negotiating for a 2nd anesthesiologist or one on call as many women are not getting their desired epidurals or don't get support if their epidural isn't working..... we ended up doing one C?s under local when the lone anesthesiologist was tied up in another C/S & it was a bad prolapsed cord.
    We need another OB/CNM in house 24/7 too, but I'm not holding my breath.
  9. by   tntblonde
    we have 500 deliveries a year,
    OB oncall must be within 20 min. of hospital unless we are running pit
    anesthesia also on call, we have a new anesthesia group at our hospital they are much more ready to come in and they do our epidurals for us,which prior to them coming we did not have... we love them!:1luvu: