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I am a neonatal nurse who works in a Special Care Nursery. My job also is to attend all deliveries and c-sections. We now wear hospital scrubs, but the hospital wants to cut costs and have us wear... Read More

  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from jwk
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, you're kidding, right?
    No, i'm not kidding. It's my own choice to do what i do. And at least it's not like i'm wearing my scrubs from home into an OR and attempting to rationalizes its cleanliness by wearing a sterile gown over top.
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  2. by   riern
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    No, i'm not kidding. It's my own choice to do what i do. And at least it's not like i'm wearing my scrubs from home into an OR and attempting to rationalizes its cleanliness by wearing a sterile gown over top.
    Yes, it is your joice to do what you do. It's also the choice of each facility to make rules and do as they see fit. No two hospitals are the same even in infection control. I am simply following the policy of my facility and so far we haven't had any problems with it.

    As it is your opinion wearing scrubs from home is inappropriate, it is my opinion that cleaning the pedals of your car is a bit over the top.

    To each his/her own....that's what makes the world go around.
  3. by   CA CoCoRN
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    we wear hospital -issued scrubs. partly due to the fact we do our own csections. i think that is the best way to go...and saves ME $$$$$$$$$$$$. I like that.
    Yepper...that's what we do.

    Besides, I go to work and change...then after work, I leave all the patient's germies right there and let someone else wash them and kill the bacteria, etc. I don't want to take germs to my kiddies, my car, my home.
  4. by   CA CoCoRN
    Quote from riern
    We've done both but currently are wearing our own scrubs from home. When we have sections we put on a sterile gown over our scrubs. Our only function in the section is to assist with the newborn and I have had to circulate in an emergency. I wash my scrubs separately and am very aware of the need for cleanliness and the possibility of infection. Considering the condition of some of the hospital scrubs we use to have I personaly think the scrubs I take home, wash and wear back to work are much cleaner than the ones the hospital use to supply. Not to mention the fact that I am clean, pressed and professional when I leave home.

    We do wear hospital scrubs if we get dirty.

    We all wear shoes from home don't we? I'm much more concerned with what may be on the bottom of my shoes than what's on my clothes.

    No...any and all shoes which I take to work and which go in the OR or pt's rooms, stay at work. When their useful life is over, they go in the trash.

    I have at least four pair of shoes which I use for (or will use for) work. And once they have been "baptized" in germs...they stay where those germs are: work.
  5. by   HazeK
    Changed several months ago from hospital scrubs to wear-your-own-from-home scrubs. No increase infection rates thus far. Doubt there will be!

    I loved the no cost part of hospital scrubs, but is surely is nice to wear some colors now and then besides a 'barfy-celery-green'!

  6. by   lapappey
    Hospital-issued scrubs in the OR is IMHO a sacred cow. In the OR that I used to work for (now I work down the hall in PACU), you could either wear your own or the hospital's, most people picked the latter. Maybe I just like to stand out but I liked to bring in my own, and cloth caps too.

    I would like to see some hard data as to whether hospital-issued scrubs have any bearing on infection control. My guess would be "no", as long as whatever scrubs you are wearing are reasonably clean. As far as shoes go, who would want to wear shoes that they wore to work out of the hospital? Not I! But are we operating on people on the floor?

    Besides, people eat/go to other floors/take a cigarette break/whatever, in scrubs, which frankly negates any benefit to wearing hospital scrubs in the first place. That being said, I don't do anything special to eat, and certainly don't do anything special if when I go to another part of the hospital (contrary to popular belief the floor & general environment in the OR is not any cleaner than the rest of the hospital, in fact, probably dirtier!) but to go outside for a smoke I cover up in a gown and shoe covers. It is, after all, the great outdoors.