Off Orientation!!

  1. I'm officially off orientation now..within a couple of days I will be on my own! I'm scared, excited, anxious,etc. My preceptors have repeatedly told me that they are comfortable with me being on my own, that I have learned alot, and of course there are always staff members around to refer back to for ANYTHING! I understand that, but still cant help but feel anxious about EVERYTHING!! From calling the docs in time, updating the docs and not sound like a retarded novice, crash sections, and everything else in between right? Is it normal to feel anxious ? help help help!! thanks!! ps anyone else out there recently off orietatation and on the floor on your own now? :uhoh21:
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  3. by   ABQLNDRN
    I got off of orientation not too long ago. I have many days when I go home feeling upset at myself because I forgot to do something (nothing that harmed a pt.) or said something stupid to the docs. One day, I alerted some docs of a critical lab value--over which they get really nervous--until one of them realized it wasn't their patient. They laughed, not at me, but with me. The docs make mistakes, too. Some of them try to carry on like they don't, but I think they put on that air simply because society expects them to. Some are very cool people.

    Bottom line is, mistakes happen, and as long as no one is injured in the process, you will become a better nurse for making them.

    It is nerve-wrecking to be on your own, but every nurse in the world was once where you are. Your co-workers will help you. I ask my co-workers for help every day. It is better to ask for help than to guess and be wrong!

    You'll do wonderfully!!!
  4. by   nurse79
    thanks maralenn!!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    It will take you a while to feel comfortable. Took me two years. Do not be hard on yourself and if ANY questions come up, ask. Nobody expects you to fully be on your own just off orientation. You can do it however; we all have. Just do not get down when you make mistakes or are unsure about things.
  6. by   MamaMadge
    That is the beauty of this site! We have ALL been where you are and we can reaffirm that what you feel is NORMAL!! It is an awesome responsibility and you are entrusted with the care of two precious lives at once! It is also an honor and the best job you will ever have! I've been off of orientation 5 months now and I still feel scared most shifts. I have the support of wonderful co workers and shift leads who are ALWAYS there for me when I need advice or an extra pair of hands! Ask for help....don't be shy! You are never alone! Best of luck to you as you begin your career in OB!
  7. by   mitchsmom
    I've been off orientation for a couple of months now. I felt (and often still feel) the same way you do! The phone thing really got me for a while... it always seemed like I didn't tell the MD's what they wanted to know... and I'm still learning. But something that has helped me for the phone and just to have a "brain" handy, is my cheatsheet. It has:
    Admit time
    G T P A L Para
    show (this is where I ask / write about bleeding in general also)
    last meal
    ctx -time began
    T BP HR R
    marital status S M W D
    education (I don't usually ask this one, but whatever)
    illness/pertinent hx
    exposure (not sure what that's supposed to mean)
    urine dipstick
    hep b
    ht / wt
    tubal ligation
    chief complaint
    d/c tx
    prenatal class

    It sounds like a lot to carry around but it is arranged in two colums and two sets of it fit on a regular sheet of paper, so I can fold it over for two pts, and there is actually still room in the lower R corner to jot down orders or whatever. We have report sheets that we get each morning but they don't have much info on them, and don't have much room to write either.

    When I say something retarded to someone on the phone (which happens fairly frequently, at least it seems like it to me LOL..) I just try to make a joke out of it and let it go... what can you do? Everyone was new once!! Or, have a snappy-but-not-out-of-the-realm-of-politeness comeback; I try not to let them see me sweat because we have a couple that would take advantage of that.

    I am still trying to get used to c-sections, especially unplanned ones, since I still really haven't had a "bad" baby to take care of on my own (we have either/or/both repiratory and a pedi there, but still YKWIM). For NVD's there are two NRP nurses in the room so I feel more comfortable with that, as funny as it may sound- b/c they understand what I know and don't know and they'd be able to guide me better than respiratory/pedi (our respiratory and pedi's don't seem to take much of a lead in these situations that I've observed anyway). Anyway, didn't mean to hijack... just saying I feel anxious too. For me, things get a little better each day for the most part as far as the anxiety/dumb feeling goes.
  8. by   nurse79
    ok well i did have my first day off orientation and i somewhat survived..i had one primip for like 2 hours then i was given another multip. She was only at 5cm and they had admitted her for me, which was nice, but i was overwhelmed ALL day long. I felt as though i was going from room to room all day. no one really checked on me to see if i was surviving, which i felt was upsetting. The doc for my PRIMIP almost didnt make it to the delivery, she was crowning and he LEFT the room to use the phone, another nurse delivered the was crazy. Hes not a good doc from what i hear, but a boa for a primip, thats unsurd!! I was so tired by the end of the shift..and upsed that I was the only one with 2 pts for the majority of the day. I did have ppl to help with my other pt that i neglected when i was pushing with my primip for 2.45 hrs...i didnt like that experience...we'll see how it goes. If i keep getting dumped on i definitely wont be doin this for long. Not worth my license or the pay. seriously.
  9. by   RNHawaii34
    hey congrats! I just started a week ago in my new job. I am a bit worried if I was gonna be on my seems like there are so many things to do, and remember!! I am working in a Long term care. My preceptors were nice, and very helpful. but hey, congrats again
  10. by   Zippedodah
    If you feel like you were dumped on, then you need to say something to your preceptors. You may have felt dumped on, but in reality it was you first day and you were anxious, etc. I know that when we get busy sometimes we forget to ask if the newer people are doing okay, but in reality we do have an eye on you even if you don't know it.

    Hope your next day is better!