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We had a c-section baby, that had some difficulty breathing for a while. She was full term, mother had no health problems but had elective c/s. Baby was crying but grunting with retractions. I... Read More

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    Dawngloves, you are right about vasovagal-----we get a quick heart-rate before doing this---if low, we don't deep suction right away. That is where percussion and stimulation and bulb suction come in.

    I have yet to see a baby vasovagal and stay down there---- if done quickly and properly in the right conditions, unless baby was already sick. What I have seen is way too many babies struggling for hours to a whole day or more trying to bring up secretions---and poorly feeding as a result. Deep suctioning can prevent this in the right case.
    I've never seen it either, but I've had docs slap my hands many a time while they watch the clock. Also, they have been moving away from chest pt because of , "no conclusive study" How about the "I've kept many a kid out the NICU with a septic work up because he had junk in him until I whacked his back!" study?
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    ROFL Dawn.
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    I also know of a older primip who had an elective section because it was already known she had an A/V malformation in her brain! No way did they want her pushing!!
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    Yep, but then that would be a medical indication, clearly. To me, this is hardly "elective" and more like "necessary".