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just had a unique baby name the other week....thought i'd share, and hope to continue this thread from earlier.... "strange baby names": strawberry :roll (thank goodness this was changed by the... Read More

  1. by   piccnjazz
    my grandaughter-Sedona Ambrosia. My friend calls her Arizona Fruit salad
  2. by   RN2B
    Years ago when I was teaching elem. school (1st career) I had a set of twin girls in my classroom. They told me that their mom named them after her favorite cars one was La'Sentra (nissan sentra) and the other was named La' Mazda.........go figure!!!
  3. by   Desert Rat
    One mom overheard talk in the delivery room and thought Placenta sounded like a pretty name. Don't know if she followed through. Another named her child Liberty Valance. And Jesus and Angel are very common names for boys here.
  4. by   abnurse
    Have a lady in my town named "Wonna Beer"

    Worked with a guy named "Dickie Dickson"

    My mom named me "Kibbie Lou Ann" and later changed it when the neighbor kid started calling me "Kibie Doo Doo". Thank God I have a normal name now, Teri
  5. by   IttyBittyBabyRN
    How about these....

    Jarquarious, Antavious, ToGodHeowe (as in, To God he owe his life, as the mother told us.....,) Antasia, Quendarious,

    Twins: Kevinesha & Kevinasha
    Michael & Michaelnesha
    Diamond & Sapphire
    Lexus & Mercedes

    More to come..................
  6. by   AngelGirl

    I never met the Beach family. My friend, Marla, told me about them.

    Good to hear that she wasn't just whistling Dixie (or, in this case, Virginia!) :chuckle
  7. by   AngelGirl
    Heard the true story of a family that moved to a new town.

    The teenaged kids met neighbors from the houses on either side of them and all went to town together. Kids came home and told their folks,

    "Hey, we're right where we're supposed to be!"

    Parents asked how they knew this.
    Kids said, "'Cause we moved in between the "Heads" and the "Foots!"

    It was signed.....Delores Butz :chuckle
  8. by   1996RN
    In our hospital, we have had a lady who named her twins Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. We also have a lot of ladies named Candida. If they only knew!
  9. by   hoppermom3
    My oldest daughter is named Santana, my boy is Bryar....when I was pregnant the third time the pressure was on to come up with another cool name. youngest daughter is Shambree. My name is Tomi - yes, my real full birth certificate name not short for anything. And my mom did NOT want a boy...if I was a boy my name was going to be Bryce.
  10. by   azgirl
    Went to college with a 50 year old woman named Dimples.

    Dated a guy whose father named all his kids Wayne. He was Wayne the 3rd and his sisters each had Wayne as their middle name.
  11. by   Spaniel gal
    i went to school with a Neil Downe and Wayne King. it wasnt untill secondary school we understood poors wayne's second meaning of his name

    our unit recently has had Currylena, Heaven Leigh (this is from a Virgina Andrews book) and lolly-Lee

    my name is Ruby, my sisters Amber, Saphron (stupid spelling), and Jade thanks mum!!!!! well Jade is the nicest i think?! my brothers are Lukas (again suppose to be Lucas) and Caden
  12. by   Mrs.B
    I'm a school RN and have a student Mystique but everyone calls her Minx, so which is worse!? Another student named Destiny, she was an oops baby born 12 years after her other sibs. Oh and there are the identical twin girls named Shakir and Shakur.

    Went to high school with a girl named October but we called her Toby. Yes, she was born in October. Have a student named Autumn but she was born in the spring!

    Oh, BTW I'm 7 mos pg and have been racking my brain trying to think of girls names. This thread has been helpful b/c I'm learning what NOT to name my daughter!!!

    I mean, are people out there so ignorant that they don't know what syphillis and gonnarhea are!?? Dear me...
  13. by   Liann
    My son had a student teacher named Miss Butz...imagine keeping discipline in a second grade classroom with that name. He also had Mr Puppo for grade 4. ( And I always wondered what if Miss Butz married Mr Puppo and hyphenated her name????)

    My husbands uncle is Richard (called Dick) Skinner.

    My mom got creative - after me, that is. I am Lisa Ann, but my sister is Lorilei Hope. Sounds like a soap opera name. She has always hated it.