Maternity Insurance

  1. Ok so I am a nurse and my husband just got a new job where I will FINALLY be able to afford to go PRN which has been our dream as I want to stay home with our kids. However, this new job does not offer insurance (ugh!). We were just going to buy private insurance but then I realized I can't find any private insurance options that offer maternity coverage. I've read a few things about maternity "riders" ? but I can't seem to find much info on it. Does anyone know if I could get private maternity insurance??? BTW I am in Texas. Thanks!!
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  3. by   mediatix8
    Yeah I know for one Blue Cross Blue Shield has a maternity rider. This is where you pay extra for maternity coverage. But you have to have it a full year before getting pregnant.
  4. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    We have Blue Cross where I work and the girls here who are planning a baby get the Maternity Rider. They also get the AFLAC Short Term Disability insurance and use that for their leave.
  5. by   idbeme
    There are maternity riders, and they can be very expensive. There are also discount programs that you basically pre-pay a monthly amount to a company that is contracted with certain providers.

    Word of advice...make sure your husband has insurance BEFORE you become pregnant. My husband just lost his insurance at work and because I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant he (and our daughter) cannot get private insurance. The reasoning behind this is that if something happens to the baby and she winds up in NICU it goes on his insurance. No insurance companies sell child only policies...and since neither one of us are insurable by a private policy right now she is also unable to become insured!!!! It is a mess. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row before becoming pregnant.
  6. by   littlebit3
    Look into Affiliated Workers Association...they offer group rates with maternity coverage
  7. by   littlebit3
    "Look into Affiliated Workers Association...they offer group rates with maternity coverage "...through Markel Insurance
  8. by   rn4ever?
    Don't want to burst your bubble. But if you're pregnant right now and of course really need health insurance, can't you just stay in your regular full-time position (I'm assuming) until you deliver at least? Also, if he is in a NEW job, with the volatile economy now, wouldn't you consider holding on to your current position for a while? Or maybe just go part-time instead of pool-----that way you still have guaranteed hours plus you have the option to purchase insurance through your work place (some work places allow part-time workers to do that).
  9. by   lrobinson5
    I THINK that if you have a policy with Kaiser Permanente they have free maternity care (all the prenatal visits, delivery, I think even childbirth classes, etc).

    I can't swear to this as I don't actually have it, but a friend of mine was talking about it and they also just started to run a new line of commercials about it.

    Good Luck!
  10. by   NightNurseRN
    Thanks for all your replies! I will look into all of them! To answer the questions, no I am not pregnant now, just know I want to have another one in the future. I currently work part-time and receive benefits so if I cannot find what I'm looking for I will stay where I am until I'm done having kids, I'm not dumb . I was just wondering what my options were. Thank you all again!