Male L&D Nurses ???

  1. For any male OB nurse out there or anyone who works with one...Do you have any problem with hispanic women and their sig. others? Is it ever a problem when the MD is male and there isn't another female present during exams? Have you ever had problems getting a job in OB because you were male? Just curious, these issues have come up a few times where I work.
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  3. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I've never worked with a male OB nurse, but I think it would be great! I also have never encountered a male doc that does vag exams without a female nurse present. I worked with a female doc that would do it, and even pap's in her office, without another person present, but I don't think that is good practice either.
  4. by   L&D.RN
    We don't have one at this hospital, but did at my last, and he got more positive feedback than the women nurses. Even if there was hesitancy on the part of the patient or her SO, they loved him by the end of the shift.

    We don't have a problem with hispanic women, but we've had several women from India that refused an epidural because our anesthesiologists are all male. Some of them caved after a few more contractions and let the male doc do the epid, but some of them held out the entire time.
  5. by   Dayray
    I am a male L&D nurse. I live in a town that is about 45% white and 45% hispanic. kinda funny but thats about the mixture of my heratige too lol (im half and half). I don't have problems with hispanic significant others. Offten times I sense reluctance on the part of the S.O's of my patients but havent noticed that any one culture (other then some middle eastern culturs) has much to do with it. I just do my best to show the family that I care about there child and their welfare and if that doesent work I bring the reluctance out in the open. Most of the time I get hugs and hand shakes from both mom and dad.

    As for male doctors examining females without someone else present.. Its a law in my state that all doctors have a 3rd person in the room (doesnt have to be female). I have never seen a male doctor examin a female patient without a 3rd person. They would be crazy not to have an escort as we call it.

    Yes it can be very hard to find a job for us guys that do OB. Some departments have unwritten policies against us. Things are changing though . One of the hospitals I work at now had never hired a man to L&D before me.
  6. by   mark_LD_RN
    let me answer your questions first
    1) never had a problem with hispanic women or their husbands. but were not allowed to care for two muslim patients due to their religous beliefs.

    2)yes we have a couple of docs who insist a female be present for exams and delivery. even though policy states it is the option of the patient to have a compainion or witness present for exams or an examiner of the same sex perform exams.

    3) yes i have had lots of problems getting jobs in OB L&D because of being male, was turned down recently for 2 jobs even though i had excellent references and letters from patients and docors just because i was male. and once when i traveled to california of all places i was told A male would never work in L&D there not now not ever!

    it is a common misconception that the patients would not like males as nurses but i have more positive feed back than my coworkers have patients change hospitals just to have me as their nurse. have patients request me and refer others to me. It is kind of a running joke on my unit. others nurses always tease me about all the letters i get. and how many hugs and gifts i get from patients.

    as far as the exams go I ask patient who they want present for exam and if it is ok for me to be their nurse. i let them have who ever they want can be family friends groups a nurse or just me. never had a problem and do not plan on having any.

    i have been the first male hired in ob in to 3 local hospitals here. the response has been over whelming from patients. and for the most parts supervisors doctors midwives and the ceo. once the initial culture shock was over

    I believe males make a wonderful addition to the OB team if given the chance.

    i love what i do and would not trade a thing .it has been a long diffucult road but it has been worht it to me. the families i have helped and the new life i have witness being brought into the world has been wonderful.

    hope this helps any other questions feel free to pm me if you like
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I have said this before: The best care I received when pregnant last time was from a male OB nurse. He was gentle, professional and extremely caring. I don't understand ANYone objecting when the vast majority of DOCTORS are male and do all the invasive procedures one can think of to begin with. I never knew this nurse to have ANY problem with patients refusing his care and if there were those that did, it was their loss. Quite the opposite happened; they extolled his virtues as a caring, competent and gentle professional. And he HAD NO PROBLEM with his role as a male OB nurse. I think that is important, also.

    I also hear from female nurses: "well, he has never been through childbirth himself, how can he be sympathetic?". Well I counter that with this: if you are caring for a patient who had an ectopic loss or fetal demise, but have never endured one such a thing yourself, how could you possibly be a caring nurse for that person?" Answer is, of course you can! See what I mean? That logic does not wash with me.

    And yes, I am sure there are those who hold religious objections to having a male nurse in charge of their care but then I would think: these same women would also religiously object to MALE OB care also, RIGHT? I can respect that...but it is more rare than you would think. WE as nurses can help our male colleagues by demonstrating an attitude of acceptance and and professionalism when it comes to working with them.

    We don't need to say: "The nurse in charge of your care today is a man, is that ok?" You would be surprised how many female nurses DO say this! You simply introduce them the same way you would a female colleague, reassuring the client and her family they will be in GOOD hands in their care. It's really as simple as that. WE set the stage for them in our behaviors and attitudes.

    The more accepting WE are, the more so our patients and family members will be. It begins with US and OUR attitudes and stereotyping. Everyone has accepted MALE doctor for their care without question for eons, why NOT male nurses??????
  8. by   mother/babyRN
    Well said and ditto...
  9. by   Furball
    I get so aggravated that this still needs to be discussed at all....grrrrrr! Male-female ...shouldn't matter...AT ALL! Anyone refused a job because of gender should sue their pants off! (the offending facilitie's pants...not your own)
  10. by   RN2B4SUR
    SmilingBluEyes--Great words! I love your thoughts and hope soon everyone is as open as you are to the idea. At times, it seems the nursing world has more of a problem with male OB nurses then the general public. So as you stated, we as nurses should accept it fully first! Thanks for your support!
  11. by   at your cervix
    Originally posted by Dayray

    As for male doctors examining females without someone else present.. Its a law in my state that all doctors have a 3rd person in the room (doesnt have to be female). I have never seen a male doctor examin a female patient without a 3rd person. They would be crazy not to have an escort as we call it.

    I am just curious, if it is a law that all docotrs have a 3rd person in the room, is it also a law that a 3rd person must be in the room for a nurse exam?
  12. by   Dayray
    Nope the law is only for doctors, I think that is becuase they at the time it was written there were few men in nursing and even fewer in OB
  13. by   mark_LD_RN
    great post as usuall smilingblueeyes! it is so true about nurses setting the stage for us. I have found if they introduce us as male nurse it usually puts focus on it like it is a problem. it creates tension and problems where there is none. over the yrs I have ran into nurses that would try to block me or cause trouble for me every step of the way. and i have also meet many who are very supportive like smilingblueeyes ,motherbaby and many others here.

    lets all work together as professionals that we are.