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i am currently doing an externship on l&d and maternity and often hear the nurses making fun of the patients. such as " omg shes 23 and on her 4th" or " wow shes too young to have children, she... Read More

  1. by   moonshadeau
    In my hosptial, I had the pleasure of having interships on the l&d ward as well as being a surgical patient on the same floor. I did encounter both times in a professional and patient setting that the nurses did talk badly about the patients. I give enormous credit to anyone who could do l&d, because I certainly cannot. I know that this is an isolated setting. But my limited experience is so bad that I beg my husband every day to have our first child due next summer in another hospital. I would rather go to a hosptial 2 hours away than have it in the same hospital I work in.

    my 2 cents anyway.
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Kinda like what ya hear in ER, huh? NOW THERE IS THE PLACE I DO NOT WANT TO GO IN MY PLACE OF wanna hear sarcastic, crude, rude humor.???! But I DO UNDERSTAND where it COMES from........high burnout rates follow in some cases, so defense mechanisms are in place. It's about being appropriate and remembering these ARE human beings we are caring for no matter HOW distasteful they or their situations may be.
  3. by   mother/babyRN
    In my case, I wanted to deliver in my own hospital because I knew and trusted the ability of the nurses. Even in circumstances when people have " made fun" of patients, I knew and know they would move heaven and hell to take care of these people and give them a safe outcome. I don't believe there is ANY hospital or like setting on the planet where this doesn't happen. My only drawback was that people could check all my records, but, since I didn't care if they knew how much I weighed or what my allergies were, it made no difference to me....It was worth it to be able to have my own doc even though he wasn't on call, to hand pick the anesthesiologist I knew had the best ability, and have just about every nurse in the unit, there for my delivery. Kind of like family...But, we are like that from the docs, to the lab to respiratory....Luckily for me....