Kristina, Heather, Fergus....

  1. You wanna good laugh? Kristina I KNOW you will have a comment or two...

    But in the General discussion, under ER Patients Lame Awards, on the last page, Kaycee wrote of a patient who came in to the ER with the c/o bleeding for 4-5 days every month, using 4-5 pads a day. She apparently had this "for years" and was sick and tired of it.

    OH MY GOD!
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  3. by   fergus51
    What the hell is wrong with people?!! They should've just given her some depo and sent her home. Hilarious!
  4. by   fergus51
    Congrats on the job! It sounds really good.
  5. by   Q.
    OOOOO I got one!

    It's actually kinda bad.. but turned out ok.
    3 of us were staffing the L&D unit at the small hospital I was telling you about before, Kday. Anyway, ER calls us stating that a pt showed up ruptured and they are sending her up. Ok, cool. We are in the process of setting up a room for admission when the ER calls back FRANTIC stating that said patient who ruptured is now crowning! Ok, two RNs go down there with the emergency kit and I was left on the unit with 2 pit inductions. Dood not cool. Anyways, my two RNs get down to the ER only to find out that said patient was NOT crowning, but there was a BUTT sticking out! Patient was frickin BREECH!!!! Not to mention, only 30 weeks!!!!!!! They kinda left that info out when calling us. DOH!

    So now, my nurses are calling me asking for neonatal resucsi equipment and meds - and I have 2 pit inductions going! I turn the pit off on the patients for safety reasons and send a housekeeper down to the ER with meds and equipment as I can't leave the floor - I'm the only RN!

    ER doc doesn't even ATTEMPT to deliver the baby, who is now suffocating as the cervix had clamped down on the baby's head which was still stuck in there. One of my nurses cuts an epis and other delivers the infant.
    I swear, do they make being an idiot to pregnancy a requirment for working ER????

  6. by   fergus51
    You think that's bad I had an OB/GYN who couldn't tell a baby's head from his butt! He insisted on calling ultrasound up to chack rather than believing us that it was a butt. Do most babies have cracks in their head? HELLO?!
  7. by   Q.
    You mean, the MD didn't trust his OWN cervical check? Or lemme guess...he wasn't there and instead was letting the nurses do everything, only to waste time getting an ultrasound and charging the patient for what was already determined by an experienced vag exam. Or even Leopold's. Or EVEN placement of the EFM for god's sake! Gee, like is the heartrate typically found near the FUNDUS??? Anyway.....

    I think we should start an on-line inservice here for all those ER freakshows, so they know how to handle pregnant women.

    Oh and Kristina, of course we didn't get any recognition. We did indeed have to chart about 5 pages worth...but as a result, I did implement an emergency neonatal rescusci kit - as all we had was a big ole crash cart that was kept in the nursery.

    Baby did ok too. But was without o2 for 7 minutes. pH was 6.3. Gee, ya think??
  8. by   debbyed
    Try not to generalize regarding ER's. Yours apparently doesn't have to know much because they figure that they will just send the patient upstairs.

    We don't have that choice available to us. We don't have an Gyn/OB department. So of course we don't get those Mom's who have a doctor and have had prenatal care. We get the one's who show up and say: "I'm pregnant, Had my last period oh about 9 months ago. I have alot of pain and pressure. Oh and by the way this is my 4th baby." In the last 5 years we only lost one baby, and that one was only 24 weeks (to our best guess). Not all ER Doc's and ER nurses drop the ball when it comes to deliveries (just those who know they have a catcher upstairs.)
  9. by   Q.

    I would agree with you because I hate generalizations as well - but when you get the ER calling stating that they have a pregnant lady ready to push - only to find out that she is 63 and doesn't have a uterus , it's gets kinda ridiculous.

    Or..when they send up a patient who is pregnant who was in a MVA, still strapped to a C-spine and doesn't even bother doing an assessment on her for internal injuries, and then has the gall to call my manager because I "compromised the integrity of the board" because I undid a strap to get fetal heart tones, then I get upset. After getting a tracing to ensure the fetus was ok, we called the ER and had them come pick her up. What the hell can we do if she is still strapped to a board? Hello?! That is what the ER is for!

    Trust me, we hate generalizations too - but sometimes we just need to vent! Take it in stride. Besides, OB nurses are victims of generalizations too. All we do is stand at the bedside and say "push" and cuddle and feed infants at night.
  10. by   moonchild20002000

    Congrats on the job! Sounds like a wonderful place to work!
  11. by   rdhdnrs
    Way to go on the job!!!! I'm so happy for you. Do they need any more help???
    Congrats on the job kday! Awesome opportunity! It's good that some people you know are going with you, comfortable faces make a difference.

    Yup we all see those "intellectually challenged" people. I think in OB we notice it (and are repulsed by it) more because we're looking at it from the "I can't believe people like you are breeding" point of view.

    " but when you get the ER calling stating that they have a pregnant lady ready to push - only to find out that she is 63 and doesn't have a uterus , it's gets kinda ridiculous. "


  13. by   mzjennifer
    <<Baby did ok too. But was without o2 for 7 minutes. pH was 6.3. Gee, ya think??>>

    Please, fill us in a bit more on this 30 weeker. Apgars? How is he/she doing now? Being without o2 for 7 minutes...any brain damage?

    Kudos to the nurses who cut the epis and delivered this kiddo (while that imbicile doc just stood by....grrrrrr)

  14. by   Q.
    Apgars were 1, 3 and 5. Apparently there wasn't any permanent brain damage at all and was transferred to our tertiary care center as soon as she was stabilized.

    Last I heard she had a normal ECG and head CT and was being weaned off the vent. Doing quite well and starting to nipple some formula.

    Thank god for small miracles.