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  1. So after a great interview with both the nurse manager and the staff..I got a call that they were not moving forward with my position...that I just wasn't a good fit. Wth does that mean? I'm so upset about this..I thought I had the job in the bag..
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  3. by   Jolie
    That is a very generic way of telling someone that s/he is no longer being considered for a position. It may mean anything or nothing at all.

    I suggest you let a week or so pass to allow the "sting" to fade. Then, if you believe you had a good rapport with the nurse manager and/or human resources person, send a professionally worded e-mail thanking them for their consideration and asking if it would be possible to learn what you might work on in order to be better prepared for future interviews.

    If they truly feel invested in you and would like to consider you for future positions, they may respond.

    Don't take any of this personally. Reasons for being declined span a wide range, and include many factors that are entirely out of your control (and sometimes even the control of the manager.) The CEO's daughter may have just graduated nursing school

    Hang in there!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from jodyangel
    I got a call that they were not moving forward with my position...that I just wasn't a good fit. Wth does that mean?
    It's nothing personal, at least on the part of the interviewer. When having to pick through several qualified candidates with whom they've interviewed, they typically select the person whom they believe will best 'fit in' on the unit.

    Or, the selected candidate might have an unspoken connection to someone on the inside of the organization, such as a nurse manager, recruiter, or HR staff member. It's sometimes less about what you know and more about who you know.
  5. by   jodyangel
    Ok just had the same thing happen again. I'm devestated. I live in an area where it's an hours drive to almost anywhere..and I interviewed for one 20 mins away. Seemed like it was perfect. Seemed like both the manager and the staff interview went awesome.
    I was just waiting for the email or call to offer me the position.

    Then last evening saw the email...Sorry but after careful consideration..blah blah blah.

    I have no recourse. No way of knowing why after going that far Again in the interview process I would be rejected.
    I interview well. Im a people person. I can tell when things are going well....them SLAM!

    Both hospitals are either Magnet or going for Magnet..Im an ADN nurse..could this be the reason?
    But then why even call me for an interview. ??
  6. by   mclennan
    Either it's the ADN/Magnet issue or you tanked the interview. Even one wrong word or answer can get you crossed off the list. Be bold and ASK them why you didn't get the job. It's totally okay to do that, frame it like "I'd like to improve my job searching skills and knowing why I wasn't selected would be helpful to me." Be prepared for them to be cagey and just say the other person was plain old better qualified.
  7. by   MrChicagoRN
    A BSN isn't a Magnet requirement per se, but they may be interested in beefing up their BSN stats. Or they found someone they liked a bit better.

    A few years ago I did 4-5 rounds of interviews, all went well, but they decided to go with someone else. That was surprising, and disappointing, but I got over it. I'm now in a position I like very much. Send them a follow up note thanking them for considering you, that you had a positive impression of their facility, and ask them to keep you in mind for any future opportunities. Then move on.
  8. by   jodyangel
    Well both jobs Said to me that they were going for Magnet Status..and so would need me to get my BSN within 5 yrs.

    I didnt tank the interview..I know I was received well by both HR, the Manager and the staff. The auto response came in my email at 5:30 I couldnt respond.

    I am an L&D nurse..but realize I may certainly have to give up that dream and just go and do MedSurg. That kills me..
  9. by   sds1arm2
    Can you tell me how the interview process went? What kind of questions were asked? I am trying to get into this field now and would love to know how to prepare for an interview if I'm lucky enough to get one.