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  1. HELP,
    I'm looking for an infant care plan that would incorporate Risk for injury trauma R/T the use of vacuum delivery. My infant has an injury sustained from the vacuum delivery on his Right occiput allowing jaundice to form, because of the bruising involved.

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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    um you want someone to write your whole care plan for you and post it on here??? I am confused about your question.

  4. by   Joni's Mom

    I'm not sure myself what I wanted, but I certainly did not want to give anyone the impression that I want my work done for me.

    So Sorry I feel terrible, wow my heart dropped when I read your reply.
  5. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    oh not to worry I figured you meant something else, just was not user exactly what it was thats all.

  6. by   RNmommy
    Hematoma or sub-galeal? As far as your care plan is concerned, I would go with Hyperbilirubinemia secondary to Hematoma/sub-galeal r/t vacuum extraction. But, you do realize that the hematoma is only a contributing factor to the jaundice, right? And you cannot do much in way of a care plan for a hematoma. If the kid has a sub-galeal, some neonatologists like to wrap the head, but that is related more to preventing hypovolemia than preventing jaundice. Is the child getting photopherapy? What is the child eating? If only breastmilk, how effective are the feeds? Anyway, I would focus on the jaundice and write a care plan for that.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am sorry, please do not be afraid to ask for help. I would borrow/look in Whaley and Wong's Children/infant care plan series for this. The main concern AFTER this is watching for jaundice. Extensive bruising/hematomas can result in markedly elevate bilirubin levels in the 2nd day of life and beyond. Anyhow that is ONE idea....check out that book-----Whaley and Wong are authorative on infant/child care planning.

    Does this help?

    PS welcome to and the forum.

  8. by   Joni's Mom
    Thank you for your reply,

    I'm going to look for that care plan book.
    I guess it was the interventions and rationales that I needed help with since I have to site from at least 2 different sources for the care plans that we turn in to the instructors. You gave me some great sources.
    I have my care plan done, thanks again for the information and suggestions.
    Again, I sure don't want anyone to think I can't do my own work.

    Thank you for the welcome
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Don't worry. I hope the careplan went well. Good luck in school and again, welcome to our forum.
  10. by   Daytonite
    OB isn't my area of knowledge, but writing care plans is. You have an actual problem with the baby so you can't use a Risk for Injury diagnosis as far as I can see (unless there is some other injury that could occur that I'm not aware of). When you are looking for nursing diagnoses you go by the symptoms the patient already has. In this case, you've got an injury. I would seem to me that the nursing diagnosis to use would be Impaired Tissue Integrity R/T vacuum trauma AEB bruising on right occiput. You'll have to refer to the reference books cited to get information on the nursing interventions you'll need to address this.
  11. by   HvnSntRN
    This one comes from Maternal-Infant Health Care Plans (Jaffe & Melson, Springhouse, 1989) ISBN 0-87434-193-0
    Potential increase in bilirubin level R/T physiologic or pathologic conditions in newborn infant placing him/her at risk for long-term complications.

    This one is from Maternal-Infant Nursing Care Plans (Luxner, Skidmore-Roth Publishing, 1999) ISBN 1-56930-035-6; it's actually more of an intrapartum Nursing Diagnosis, since it is looking at the potential for birth injury, not the actual birth injury:
    Injury, Risk for R/T tissue trauma secondary to difficult/precipitous birth process (specify e.g. malpresentation: breech, face; nuchal cord; shoulder dystocia; forceps/vacuum assisted birth; prolonged second stage, unattended precipitous birth, etc).

    The impaired skin integrity nursing diagnostic statement is an excellent one too, imo.
  12. by   Joni's Mom

    I'm going to write these down for future use.
    I don't have a special care plan book for maternal nursing, because I believe we only have one rotation on the birthing unit, but these will be great for future use. The care plan that I wrote up was Impaired tissue integrity R/T vacuum delivery AMB bruising and edema right occiput. I wrote this before the other poster suggested it, but thank you to the other poster for her help.
    I don't know what grade I recieved on this.
    The interventions I use
    1. Handle infant gently
    2. Place infant on gel pillow
    3. Avoid massaging
    I wrote alot more than just this, but for lack of time these are shorten up.
    I used 2 different care plans books to site from.

    Right now I'm working on the care plan for my infant that has testicular torsion in both testicles. I'm thinking about Ineffective Tissue Perfusion R/T testicular torsion AMB testicles that are solid, hard, and larger than normal.

    Wish me luck and again Thank you ALL