How soon to shower?

  1. One of my friends (also an OB nurse) daughter-in-law delivered at a nearby hospital and we were surprised that they allowed the new mom to get out of bed immediately after delivery and sent her into the shower. We generally assist new moms to the BR a couple of times and wait a few hours before letting them shower. What are others doing?
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  3. by   Jolie
    I agree with you that this seems a bit risky. Newly delivered moms are undergoing a lot of hemo-dynamic changes, and many are not too steady on their feet the first time or two out of bed. I've had more than one patient who seemed perfectly stable (in bed) get up and have a "gush" of bleeding causing them to get light-headed and weak in the knees. I'd hate to have that happen in the shower. It is also important to let epidurals and other pain meds wear off before getting mom into the shower.

    I'd rather wait 4-6 hours, at least, DC the IV, and then stay in the room while they shower, just to be on the safe side.
  4. by   klieben
    Depends on the patient, and how they feel. I have let moms up after an hour or two to take a shower. There is always a chair in there and a rip cord to pull for help, also I am in the room cleaning it and changing it over to post partum while she is up. Plus we don't do epidurals so I don't have to worry about that.
  5. by   fergus51
    If all goes well, they leave the L&D unit for the PP unit after an hour and they can shower there as soon as they want.
  6. by   kajama
    we usually get our moms up in an hour or two to use the bath room and shower, we do make sure that they have their legs back from the epidural first.. I leave the hep lock in until after the shower just in case and we have seats in all our showers in L&B so we encourage the patient to sit and use the hand held shower head.. Most moms I see want to shower as soon as they can... But then we don't push them if they don't ...
  7. by   jmspeach
    Just speaking from experience on this. I had NO drugs and natural birth. I showered, did my make up and brushed my hair right after I gave birth. Yes, I had some bleeding, but there is NOTHING like showering after going through 23 hours of HARD labor. It felt great and I had no problems. I'm going to say that it depends on the person big time! And just for the record my nurse was the best nurse ever!!! Never left my side and totally involved my fiance, dad and sister. It was the best experience in my life!
  8. by   kennedyj
    sure let em shower as soon as they feel ready. they usually feel better too. we get some moms that go out for a smoke a few hours after their delivery. lol The smokers always ambulate well.
  9. by   mother/babyRN
    New moms at our facility can shower as soon as the epidural wears off, if they have one, or as soon as they like after the first half hour to hour...Of course, we have learned from experience that if possible,it is a good idea to have more than one nurse there in case she hits the deck....Afterwards, on pp, it is suggested to the new mom that she ring for the nurse the first time she has to get up, not only so the nurse can observe how she does, but just in case some lightheadness sneaks in.
    We also don't have to ask for orders about showering for c/s patients, as our docs feel as long as they are up and around and feeling ok, there is no reason they can't shower...(of course,, that depends on the availability of the nurse in the case of recent post ops)....
  10. by   mother/babyRN
    I should mention that I always bring along an amonia capsule in the case of lightheadness...If there isn't any of that going on, I take the opportunity while the pt is in delivery, to teach her how to do a sitz bath and peri care so the post partum people have one less thing to do, especially since after a long labor and delivery, the last thing some of these moms ( and yes, it is often the younger group) want to do is a sitz....I take the bag and tubing off, fill the bowl with warm water and keri oil and have them sit on that while I get the shower ready..In that way,sometimes they will relax enough to void and be taught peri care, and then take a shower.....If they feel ok after that, it is out to pp via wc or walking, depending upon how I have observed them to feel....After awhile, you can pretty much predict who will hit the deck, so to speak.....They turn that lovely shade of green just before they fall....
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I showered 1 hour after the birth of my son. I did fine. I agree, it depends on the patient. I rarely see anyone wishing to shower before SEVERAL Hours pass, tho. And i make sure they are darn steady on their feet and control the temperature of the shower when they do. Also, always a shower chair available if they feel the least bit weak once inside.
  12. by   RN2B2005
    I had a 2 1/2 hour labour, no drugs, but lost a lot of blood b/c of a tendency to clot a little slower than most.

    At about 2:00a, I had the BRILLIANT idea of getting out of bed myself to go shower. I ended up flat on my back in a pool of blood--I didn't even make it to the bathroom. My husband promptly fainted, but fortunately one of the CNA's was passing by the room and heard one of the two of us go "thump".

    I ended up with a Foley cath, a second IV line and orders to not allow me to ambulate at all for two days. When they finally let me out of bed, I had no fewer than four people in the bathroom with about losing your modesty in a hurry.
  13. by   mother/babyRN
    YOU must have been that odd shade of green that happens just before you pale to the shade of a cloud, and then "hit the deck!" Poor thing....
  14. by   Cheerio
    I showered about 5hrs after my son was born. I wanted to shower sooner, but again, wasn't allowed.

    I think Moms should be allowed to shower as soon as they want, as long as the epi has worn off and they are steady.