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Ok, just curious how often you come across parents who have no name for their baby when it's born? My husband and I are so clueless right now and wondering how common it is for parents not to have... Read More

  1. by   RN2B2005
    We had the middle name picked out prior to delivery, but not the first name; the middle name was a family tradition. We had a whole list of possible first names, but the name we ended up with--Samuel--wasn't on the list, and we didn't settle on it until a few hours after he was born.

    I'm a little superstitious about the whole pregnancy thing, and didn't want to speak my son's name out loud until he was born healthy and safe. Stupid, but that's the way I was. Plus, the second he hatched, he just looked like a Samuel.
  2. by   takajolily
    (I`m usually a lurker - I love to learn from you guys!)

    I just wanted to comment that in Japan it`s customary to NOT name the baby til at least a week after the birth. Traditionally, the type of day the baby was born on was one of the things taken into consideration when choosing the characters that represent the name (the same name can have different characters). I think these days most parents probably have a good idea of what they are going to use, but still the official choice does not come until after about a week.

    Just to let you know that not naming the baby doesn`t necessarily mean you`re a freak, and so that you`re not surprised if you look after a Japanese lady and she`s shocked when you ask her to give you a name for the baby so soon!

  3. by   NurseRachy
    My boyfriend before i moved overseas was not named until when he was 3 weeks old his mother and her friends went of a 'naming holiday' and ended up with the name Kaz. I think that is quite groovy!!
    Love Rachel ( nearly named Sian )
  4. by   Cheerio
    My two were named way before birth (1st at 18wks, 2nd at 28wks) and both names are fitting. I loved having the nurse say' Welcome baby Ryan' when he was born

    Most of my clients either name their baby before birth, or within a few hours of their birth. I don't know of anyone who took their baby home un-named, but here it's possible.
  5. by   Keely-FutureRN
    I had a teacher who didn't name his second baby for about a month and a half! They just called him "baby boy #2" until they finally named him.

  6. by   jdomep
    We had names for 1,2 & # 4 but when it came to #3 it took 3 days after he was delivered to find a name (we even knew at 6 months it was another boy) We just couldn't decide. We sat down with the hospitals baby book and went through that - then the day they brought my other 2 boys in to see him we asked Oliver (our oldest almost 3 then) "what is you little brothers name? He looked at us like DUH? he said "Elliot" so that was it