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I belong to another parenting board & one of the debates that surfaces every so often is home birth vs. hospital birth. There are so many pro-home birthers that talk about how natural home birth is.... Read More

  1. by   2curlygirls
    I just get weary of hearing the "sheeple" comments and how we, who hospital birth and choose pain meds haven't "done the research". And the "selfishness" of my generation comment very much rubbed me wrong.
    I guarantee, I have done the research and I'm not selfish in the least (my severe sleep deprivation can attest to that!). And, I've had 2 amazing, comfortable, peaceful, hospital births and two incredibly healthy kids. I picked my place of delivery based on all the options available (jacuzzi's, liberal monitoring policies, etc.)
    Plus, I'm bombarded daily by what can, and does, go wrong. I hear people say they don't want ultrasounds, GBS testing and I'm agog! Occupational hazard of NICU nursing. I wish I could go back to my bubble of peace but that's long gone.

    So until pain meds and a NICU team are an option at home, I'll be in the hospital.

    Oh, and I don't think I would consider Vitamin K or erythro oint. child abuse either.
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