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Just curious if anyone has had a baby at the hospital they work at. We are planning on a home birth but you never know so...I really dont want to deliver with any of the OBs I work with, and there... Read More

  1. by   nurseynightnight
    I had my last 2 babies at "my" hospital and LOVED it!!!
    It is so relaxing to know what is going on. You know all of the women taking care of you. It was just like family to me. You know the routines and when to expect things. Plus you can feel free to let them know what you want and they will honor your requests.

    I work nights so when I came in for labor/delivery I had 2 of my favorite nurses/coworkers admit me. Then the day shift arrived and they were fighting over who would get the privilege of taking me! We have 2 MW's at my hospital and I was comfortable with all of them.
    I would NEVER want to deliver somewhere else.

    I am looking forward to doing it again...hopefully by the end of this year!

    Good luck to you and I hope you get the birth you want.
  2. by   NurseCard
    I had my first child at the hospital that I worked at, though I did not work the OB unit. My birthing experience was very unique because my fellow nursing students helped out with my labor and delivery! I gave birth right in the middle of one of my OB clinicals. So anyway, two of my fellow students got to be familiar not ONLY with my nether regions, but also some of my *INNER* regions, as I had to have a C section and two fellow students got to help out. Some would be squemish but I thought it was a nice experience that I'll never ever forget. Annnnyway though, there were also other coworkers there that I was familiar with. I'll be having this baby at the same hospital; though I don't work there anymore, I still know a good majority of the folks there.
  3. by   SweetLife
    I had my son in Septemper at the hospital I work at and it was nice. I new the routines, doctors and nurses. I work day shift and delivered on the night shift which was kind of nice because I don't work directly with those girls and I was a screamer. My labor lasted at total of 3 hours and 15 minutes (from first contraction to delivery) and was very intense. His 15 (yes fifteen) inch head didn't have a chance to mold and my labor was too short for pain meds. I was only at the hospital for about an hour before I delivered him.

    I loved seeing familiar faces. Everyone was very supportive of me trying for my second VBAC and new my wishes (even on the night shift) and it was wonderful. I feel very comfortable with the people I work with and my hospitals way of doing things though so it was a natural choice for me.
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  4. by   cheshirecat
    I had my baby in the hospital I worked in as a midwife and where I had also trained as a midwife. I had absolutely no complaints, but typically ended up with a c-section and pph.

    It was nice being treated by people I knew and trusted. The only bad apple was a student nurse who insisted on calling me dear all the time. I found her very condescending. Boy you should have seen her face when she found out I was a Registered Midwife. I did worry about how she was treating the other new mums though.
  5. by   LDRNMOMMY
    I did not. Dh is military and I work in the civilian hospital in our town, I delivered at the military facility. I was seen by midwives and for the most part had a very positive experience. I think I would not have minded having my co-workers take care of me. However, the military is less strict about things so I got to walk when I was ruptured, 4cm/100%/0. Heck, they were going to let me have intermittent monitoring! Both of those things are an absolute no-go where I work. My midwife gave me a chance to go into labor without Pitocin (I wasn't really contracting), where I work I think most of the MD's would have given it right off the bat.
  6. by   nurseynightnight
    4cm/100%/0 and ruptured...

    You can't walk at your hospital when that is the case??? That is a great time to allow someone to walk.

    Wow is all I can say
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    They sure can where I am, unless they are on pitocin or have elected to have an epidural. I agree, great time to ambulate......is anytime in labor.
  8. by   Dalzac
    My daughter had her twins at my little hospital. We were scheduled to close as a hospital and reopen as a gero psych hospital and the twins were the last to be born there. This place was small and all the employees were very tight, which is why I loved the place. Those babies were visited by everyone. Everytime RT did treatment in there they had to love on and feed them or whatever they could. The nurses treated my daughter like family as well.
    That was 7 yrs ago and anytime I see any one from that place they always ask about the twins.
    My daughter loved that place to.
    It was a great place to have children as well as being a great place to work.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    There was another thread regarding this so I was afraid to answer again thinking this was that thread . . . but I don't see my answer so . . .

    I would not and did not have my last baby at the hospital where I work as a nurse. I did have two of my previous children there but I was not a nurse then.

    I'm private - I didn't want the people I work with, Docs and nurses, to have seen me at my possible worst or had access to my inner workings.

    I just wanted, with #4, a safe delivery. After 3 other kids, I wasn't so much into the whole process of labor and delivery . . .been there, done that.

    Just get my child out - please.

  10. by   LDRNMOMMY
    Quote from nurseynightnight
    4cm/100%/0 and ruptured...

    You can't walk at your hospital when that is the case??? That is a great time to allow someone to walk.

    Wow is all I can say

    NO! If the patient is ruptured, regardless of what the cervical exam yields, no walking! Which is one of the reasons why I do not regret my decision to deliver at the military hospital.
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  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I cannot fathom their justfication for not allowing an uncomplicated labor patient ambulate and have intermittent monitoring. That is just crazy.
  12. by   LDRNMOMMY
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    I cannot fathom their justfication for not allowing an uncomplicated labor patient ambulate and have intermittent monitoring. That is just crazy.
    I agree completely! They will do intermittent monitoring...on a stable patient who is not laboring or for cervidil inductions. I have never had a physician allow intermittnent monitoring on a labor patient even if the strip is reassuring. Now I have only been a nurse for 1 1/2 yrs.

    Sadly, the docs are afraid of lawsuits. Which is why they only allow patients with intact membranes to walk.
  13. by   dontshakeyourbaby
    OK just one more....
    I didn't have a choice with where I had my baby b/c I'm overseas and on in the military but, I had mine at the placed I work (I'm an L&D nurse) and it turned out to be a wonderful experience! I chose the nurse and corpsman that I felt most comfortable with to be with me during my c/s (although, everyone was fabulous I just decided to ask these two since we worked the same shifts for so long and they were like family). I even had my boss do my surgery!

    The only thing that was uncomfortable was having my peers do my pad and fundal checks so I did them myself and just reported the results to them....I also pulled my own foley b/c I didn't want the young male nurse who was caring for me to see my nasty 'you-know-what'. Everything was wonderful and it made for a very memorable experience. I'd do it again. (Naturally, if you didn't have a great relationship with the folks you worked with that could change matters all together...Good luck!)