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Hi all, thought I'd see what you guys thought of this. I posted here and the general nursing board, since I know we see this alot with newborn care. The hospital I am currently at is starting a plan... Read More

  1. by   gemininurse71
    This has been going on at Virginia Masonin Seattle for a few years. At first, the nurses were told that if they didn't get vaccinated, they would have to wear a mask at all times while working. The union fought this and won. It appears that now they are requiring the flu shot as a requirement of employement, as part of a "fitness to work" policy. I live on the other side of the state, so don't know all the details, but I found a few articles about it:

    Personally, I think a good incentive program would be more effective and moral-boosting than this, but I also know that our facility requires an annual TB test as a requirement for employment and I do that every year (I grumble, yes, but do it without question).
  2. by   flygirl43
    Your not poking me....where is the concern re: MRSA CDif? Are they swabbing. Gimme a break!!!!!!
  3. by   jhhrn68
    I didn't get a flu vaccine this year and I got the flu. And so did everyone else I know, even the ones who had the vaccine. No flu vaccine can protect one against all strains.