Epidural Catheter Left IN

  1. HI all,

    I am somewhat new to L/D and was just wondering what would happen if a portion of an epidural catheter tip was left in a pt. ? Has this ever happened?? I have never heard of this, but does anyone have an information? just curious..thanks!!

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  3. by   Soul
    One of our pts had roaming epidural catheter, this was during labor, shortly after the epidural was put in, SHE CODED! we had to run a full code on her. and then a stat section, She did not die thank god. But it certainly gives you a reality check, doesn't it. Epidurals are realitively incident free 99% of the time, i think this can create a false sense of security. Even if a pt is no longer receiving epidural meds, an epidural cath tip can roam into places it shoudn't and cause serious problems, and ultimately a code situation. I only have about 2 yrs experience myself, so if anyone has any further input, please share.
  4. by   misslo
    When I had my son back in 1994 (at a military hosp.) they left the epidural line in my back because I was supposed to get my tubes tied the next day. The surgery for my tubiligation was cancelled in the morning and when they went to remove the line, it was already out. Didnt realize until a few years ago how badly that could have ended up.

  5. by   ElvishDNP
    There was a thread about this a while back...I know because I was wondering the exact same thing as you are: when you pull an epidural, what do you do if the tip is NOT intact? It's never happened to me nor to anyone I know...

    ...but lemme see if I can dig up that thread....
    ...here 'tis.
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  6. by   crissrn27
    Thanks for finding that link Arwen, thought we had talked about that recently, but couldn't find it! Never had it happen personally, and DON'T want it, too.
  7. by   Mulan
    had an old confused guy get oob and walk himself into the bathroom, of course he pulled his out, but it was intact and there was no problem